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Coronavirus in the world. Pandemic situation in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Great Britain

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Due to the spread of the coronavirus omicron variant in the Czech Republic, compulsory tests are starting at workplaces, and in Germany, the status of a convalescent is valid for only three months. Italians are massively vaccinating – over 4.5 million people took the dose of the anti-COVID-19 preparation within 24 hours. In turn, in Great Britain – due to the decrease in the number of infections – the authorities are considering lifting the restrictions faster.

According to the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, the omicron variant is already responsible for 80 percent of new infections in the country. New pandemic regulations entered into force on Monday – all workers, including those vaccinated against COVID-19, must now undergo a coronavirus test twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays.


It is also important to change the duration of the quarantine, which is now five days, not seven days. From Monday, all people who test positive for the antigen test, including convalescents and fully vaccinated people, are quarantined.

Coronavirus Czech Republic, COVID-19 Prague, peoplePAP / EPA / MARTIN DIVISEK

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The issue of employees who refused to undergo the tests became problematic. For them, it was necessary to create a specific formula for being at work: the obligation to wear FFP2 class protective masks, separate places for eating meals, social distance from other employees. According to the media, compliance with such rules concerned small shops offering a different assortment.

Recuperate status valid for only three months

The German Ministry of Health confirmed on Monday that due to the emergence of the coronavirus omicron variant, the status of survivors will be for three months, not six months as before. With an omicron, there is a much greater risk of developing the disease or becoming a carrier after three months, said a spokesman for the ministry. The previous six-month period was for as long as the delta was the dominant option.

Convalescent status, as well as vaccination status, is decisive for quarantine and entry regulations, such as shops or cultural institutions, where the 2G rule applies (admission only for vaccinated and convalescent).

Record number of vaccinations in Italy

More than 4.5 million vaccinations against COVID-19 were made in Italy last week. This is a record since the beginning of the campaign in the country. Most people received the third dose of the preparation. Not only is the number of vaccinations with the third dose rising steadily, but also with the first one, including for children between the ages of 5 and 11, according to authorities’ data presented on Monday.

In addition, it was noted that among 542,000 people who were vaccinated for the first time last week, more than 130,000 are over 50 years old, so they are subject to the recently introduced vaccination obligation.

Coronavirus in ItalyTino Romano / PAP / EPA

248 people died from COVID-19 on Monday. Experts emphasize that the currently high number of deaths is also the result of infections that occurred during Christmas and New Year’s meetings.

– The rate of growth of infections slows down as a car slows down as it arrives at the scene. But for two weeks, infections will continue to grow – such a forecast was presented by virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco on radio RAI. In his opinion, the masks will have to be worn for a few more years. “They will be like sunglasses,” he added.

The British authorities announce the lifting of the restrictions

Scheduled for January 26 review of restrictions introduced in England as part of the covid “plan B” and lifting most of them may take place this week, as data indicate that the peak of this wave of the pandemic is over, British media reported on Monday.

As reported on Monday, a decline in the number of infections and the number of patients hospitalized due to COVID-19 was detected in the last 24 hours. Death rates continue to rise, but these increases are smaller than they were just a few days ago. In the last 24 hours, 85 deaths were recorded, eight more than a week earlier, and in the last week – 1,845, i.e. 515 more than in the previous week.

Pandemic situation in London Reuters

As part of the covid “plan B” in England, the obligation to wear masks was extended to almost all closed public spaces, the recommendation to work from home was reintroduced and covid certificates were introduced, which are necessary to enter mass events.

It is very likely that certifications and the recommendation to work from home will be lifted, and possibly the requirement of testing for vaccinated people returning from abroad. The Scottish, Wales and Northern Ireland authorities have introduced stricter restrictions on the omicron variant, but have already started to ease them there.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / MARTIN DIVISEK

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