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Coronavirus in Warsaw and Mazovia. The oxygen network at the South Hospital is efficient. There is a limit of patients

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Coronavirus in Warsaw. As reported by the capital city hall, there are currently 194 patients in standard beds and 42 on respirator beds at the Southern Hospital. “Such a limit of patients will ensure adequate performance of the oxygen network” – officials said.

On Monday, the capital city hall informed about the suspension of admissions of new patients by the Southern Hospital. As explained by the office, the high number of patients staying in the hospital, some of which require connection to ventilators, generates a huge simultaneous intake of oxygen, which results in exceeding the capacity of the installation, which was designed for completely different conditions.

According to the Polish Press Agency, the city hall of the capital city currently hosts 194 patients on standard beds and 42 patients on ventilator beds. “In the course of consultations with specialists, it was established that such a limit of patients slowly ensure adequate performance of the oxygen network and patient safety” – it was reported.

“The hospital situation has no effect on the vaccination point.”

The City Hall pointed out that the Southern Hospital “was designed and built as a multidisciplinary institution, where it was planned to launch, inter alia, gynecology and obstetrics departments, trauma surgery and orthopedics, general surgery, an internship with a cardiology sub-unit, i.e. departments that do not require oxygen therapy”.

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At the same time, it was indicated that the situation in the Southern Hospital did not necessitate the closure of the COVID-19 vaccination point, which operates in the facility. “The immediate suspension of admitting patients with COVID to the facility does not affect the operation of the vaccination point” – it was reported.

The city hall also emphasized that the central authorities are responsible for the pandemic situation and the actions taken to “counter the next, fourth wave of coronavirus.” “It is worth noting that during the previous wave of disease, city hospitals, supervised by the Capital City of Warsaw, opened over 650 beds for the treatment of covid patients, or 1/3 of all places in Warsaw” – it was written.

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The City Hall calls for a reduction in the number of beds in the Southern Hospital

On Monday, the capital city hall informed that 270 patients are staying at the Southern Hospital, including 42 people under respirators. As reported, the huge simultaneous consumption of oxygen results in exceeding the efficiency of the oxygen installation, which was designed for completely different conditions.

The City Hall also emphasized that a team of specialists works and monitors the situation in the hospital on an ongoing basis, and the City of Warsaw Warsaw, in cooperation with the Mazowieckie Voivodship Office, are conducting talks in order to adopt the most optimal solutions.

City officials are also recommending that the Minister of Health’s decision be revised and the number of beds in the Southern Hospital should be reduced to a maximum of 196 regular and 50 ventilator beds. The capital also calls on the government to urgently urge vaccination against COVID-19. “The data from the Southern Hospital show that most of the people hospitalized in the facility are unvaccinated” – emphasized.

There will be additional beds in Warsaw

On Tuesday, Deputy Minister of Health Waldemar Kraska informed that in the coming days the ministry, together with voivodes, plans to launch two more temporary hospitals. One will be built in Warsaw’s Okęcie and the other in Ostrołęka. He also announced that an additional 62 “covid” beds will also be launched in the provincial Infectious Hospital in Warsaw.

On Tuesday, 1,130 coronavirus infections were confirmed in the Mazowieckie voivodship. The government website reporting daily statistics on coronavirus cases reported 418 new infections in Warsaw. Five people died. For comparison: a week earlier, 300 new infected arrived in the capital.

Kraska: in the Mazowieckie voivodship we will be opening two more temporary hospitals in the coming daysTVN24

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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