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Coronavirus – Sopot. Hotels, restaurants – summary of the summer season at the Baltic Sea

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Hotels by the sea sum up the holiday season. The occupancy rate in hotels in Sopot this summer averaged around 80 percent, according to data from the Sopot Tourist Organization. In addition, over 800,000 entries to the pier were recorded. This data is better than last year, but worse than before the COVID-19 pandemic.

After a pandemic year, many Poles decided to take a summer holiday in the country. Popular places both in the mountains and by the sea experienced a real siege. The Tri-City was teeming with life, and hotels and restaurants finally had the opportunity to make up for the losses caused by the lockdown.


Sopot – hotels, restaurants

– We can talk about a certain reflection for the tourism industry in Sopot, although remember that we actually opened at the end of June. Earlier, we still had a lockdown, quite a lot of restrictions when it comes to hotel and accommodation occupancy – said Anna Golec-Mastorianni from the Sopot Tourist Organization.

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The impact of the coronavirus is still visible in the results. – It was a good season for the tourism industry in Sopot. Better than last one, but remember that this is the second pandemic year, ‘pointed out Golec-Mastorianni.

– The occupancy rate in hotels this summer season averaged around 80 percent, so better than last year, we had more than 800,000 entries to the pier, which is better than last year, but worse than before the pandemic. We still have to remember that this is data that has been distorted by the coronavirus, she emphasized.

When asked about the situation of the catering industry, a representative of the Sopot Tourist Organization indicated that “restaurateurs felt the lack of foreign tourists”. – This year, over 90 percent of tourists who came to Sopot were former tourists from Poland and it is noticeable when it comes to the choice of products – this is a different customer – said Anna Golec-Mastorianni.

Coronavirus in Poland

However, there is a fourth coronavirus wave on the horizon. This week, the Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski, signaled that the dynamics of infections in the last few days has been very high. If it persisted, he announced that the 1,000,000 infections would be expected to “not be at the end of September, but within the next two weeks.”

Entrepreneurs fear the fourth wave. – It was a really tough year, because we only operated in exports, so only me and my partner worked. We are glad that we were able to open up. There is a season maybe a little bit better, but it’s not the same as always. We are afraid of the fourth wave, because I do not know if a person will be able to bear it further – said Joanna Strocen, restaurateur from Sopot.

“If there’s a fourth wave, we’ll just die,” she said.

The Ministry of Health informed 476 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection on Sunday. For comparison, a week ago there were reported 324 confirmed cases.

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