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Coronavirus. The children were treated for cancer, completed oncological treatment, and died due to coronavirus infection. Appeal on vaccination

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The fourth wave of the COVID-19 epidemic in Poland is also a drama for the youngest patients. Six children who completed oncological treatment died in Wrocław due to the coronavirus. – This is an appeal for you to create a great immunological cocoon – said Professor Krzysztof Kałwak from the University Teaching Hospital in Wrocław. This cocoon, the medics explain, is now needed more than in previous waves. In the fourth, children become infected more often and become ill more severely. Children from the age of five can already be registered for the COVID-19 vaccination.

The Wroclaw University Clinical Hospital, which vaccinates children from the age of five against coronavirus, announced in a statement that next Saturday there will be a vaccination campaign for children treated at the local Clinic of Bone Marrow Transplantation, Oncology and Children’s Hematology.

– We encourage whole families of toddlers with reduced immunity to vaccinate – said professor Krzysztof Kałwak, head of the Wrocław clinic, quoted in the institution’s announcement. He explained that according to the current state of knowledge “observations in various centers around the world” show that “in the vast majority of” immunocompromised patients “the vaccine is effective.

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“The source of the infection must have been someone in the family”

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He also noted that “six children have died in recent months due to coronavirus infection” who completed oncological treatment at the clinic in Wrocław. He noted that it was “six too many”. “These children could not get infected from strangers, because they had limited contact with them, the source of the infection must have been someone from the family,” he said.

– Here is an appeal for you to create a huge immune cocoon for our patients, but also for yourself – said Kawałak in an interview with “Fakt” TVN.

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“Parents of most of them did not get vaccinated. It’s incomprehensible, unpleasant”

A similar problem with coronavirus infections occurred in the Department of Paediatrics and Infectious Diseases of the University Teaching Hospital in Wrocław. – In the current fourth wave of the pandemic, we have a lot of patients with chronic diseases who suffer from COVID-19 and require, among others, oxygen therapy – said the head of the clinic, Professor Leszek Szenborn.

– The parents of most of them did not get vaccinated, so they did not follow the cocoon strategy. It is not only incomprehensible, but humanly very sad – he admitted.

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Mostly young people in the hospital, unvaccinated

The clinic notes that in the current wave of COVID-19 patients who end up in the covid ward, “relatively young people, aged 30 to 58, dominate.” “They are all unvaccinated,” it said.


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How to enroll a child for vaccination?

Registration can be made by calling the 24-hour helpline 989, by contacting the selected vaccination center, using the website patient.gov.pl – registration can only be made by means of quick registration without a Trusted Profile. You can also send an SMS saying “SzczepimySie” to the number 664 908 556 or 880 333 333.

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