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Coronavirus. The fourth wave of infections. Patients with COVID-19 in hospitals. Beds occupied week after week

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Data from the last 48 hours show that people with COVID-19 occupied as many as 299 beds more in hospitals than on Sunday, according to information provided by the Ministry of Health. Week after week, the growing wave of infections is more and more visible in hospitals. We present data on the occupancy of beds in the period from August 2, when there were only 271 people infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the facilities – the least since March 2020, i.e. the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The beginning of August was the moment when – after the third, spring wave of coronavirus infections – the epidemic began to stabilize thanks to vaccinations and hospitals gained breath. On August 2, the Ministry of Health announced that 271 COVID-19 patients were detained in the facilities. It was the lowest balance since March 10, 2020 (220 patients), i.e. from the sixth day after the first coronavirus infection in Poland (March 4, 2020) at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to vaccinations, the coronavirus was largely contained, but the slowdown of the vaccination program with the admission of preparations by only slightly more than half of our population has led to the situation we are in today – the appearance of the fourth wave of infections, which has clearly accelerated recently. This is evident in hospitals in the statistics on the occupancy of beds.

Minister Adam Niedzielski spoke on 13 October in “Piasecki’s Conversation” on TVN24 that the issue of the occupancy of beds is the main factor highlighted by the Ministry of Health.

The whole conversation with the Minister of Health on TVN24 GO >>>

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At the same time, information from many places in the country that people suffering from and dying from COVID-19 in hospitals are mostly unvaccinated people.

The inhabitants already know about the situation in a region where few people have been vaccinated and the number of patients in the hospital is increasing. Biała Podlaska.

Niedzielski: we forecast the number of daily infections at the end of October at around five thousandTVN24

Beds are occupied in hospitals. COVID-19 patients

On Monday, August 2, 271 patients with COVID-19 were in hospitals all over Poland. In the following weeks, until August 30, their number was still growing quite slowly on a weekly basis. On August 9, the Ministry of Health informed about 313 (+42 in relation to the previous Monday) people suffering from COVID-19 in hospitals, on August 16 at 317 (+4), on August 23 at 356 (+39), and on August 30 at 429 (+ 83).

In September, the wave of infections began to intensify. On September 6, the ministry announced that there were 529 patients with COVID-19 in hospitals (+100 compared to Monday a week earlier), on September 13, there were 704 beds (+175), on September 20, 1070 (366 more than a week earlier) .

In the week of September 20-26, the number of patients in hospitals was lower and the Ministry of Health reported that 1,384 beds were occupied by them on September 27 (+242).

The last two weeks, however, have been – unfortunately – a very rapid development of the epidemic. During this time, the number of hospitalized people almost doubled. On October 4, there were 1,840 people in hospitals (+ 456 compared to Monday, September 27), and on October 11, 2,423 beds were occupied (+583 on a weekly basis and as many as 1,039 patients more than September 27).

Data from the Ministry of Health from the last 48 hours indicate that 2722 patients with COVID-19 are in hospitals on Wednesday. This is 299 patients more than in the Monday report. Such a high increase in occupied beds – by 12 percent. in 48 hours – may indicate that their number will exceed 3000 before the end of the week.

In addition, the Ministry of Health has recently reported about 2,000 infections recorded each day. At the end of October, it is expected to be up to 5,000 infections a day, which will most likely mean that at the same time the number of COVID-19 patients will increase significantly, putting a burden on hospitals.

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański / PAP

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