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Coronavirus. The United States has donated more than 110 million vaccines to 65 countries

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The United States has donated more than 110 million doses of coronavirus vaccines to 65 countries. Citing the United Nations, the White House said it was more than a combined donation from all other countries. Indonesia, the Philippines and Colombia will receive the most doses. “This is just the beginning,” said State Department spokesman Ned Price.

In a statement published on the White House website, it was recalled that the president Joe Biden He promised that “the United States will be a vaccine arsenal for the world and that it is acting with the same diligence in the fight against the virus abroad as at home.”

The delivery of more than 110 million doses (exactly 111,701,000) of coronavirus vaccines to 65 countries has been described as “a milestone that strengthens the United States as a world leader in COVID-19 vaccine donation.”

It was reported that, according to the United Nations, this is a larger donation than the sum of all vaccines donated from the rest of the world. The countries receiving the most doses are Indonesia (8 million), the Philippines (6.2 million) and Colombia (6 million).


Afghanistan 3.3 million Argentina 3.5 million Bangladesh 5.5 million Benin 302 thousand Bhutan 500,000 Bolivia over 1 million Brazil 3 million Burkina Faso 302,000 Cambodia over 1 million Cameroon 303 thousand Canada 2.5 million Central African Republic 302,000 Colombia 6 million Costa Rica 500,000 Djibouti 151,000 Ecuador 2 million El Salvador 3 million Eswatini 302,000 Ethiopia over 1.6 million Fiji 150,000 The Gambia 302 Th. Georgia 503,000 Guatemala 4.5 million Guinea Bissau 302,000 Haiti 500,000 Honduras 3 million Indonesia 8 million Jordan 503,000 Laos 1 million Lesotho 302,000 Liberia 302,000 Madagascar 302,000 Malawi 302,000 Malaysia 1 million Mali 151 thousand Mauritania 302,000 Mexico over 4 million Moldova 301 thousand Morocco 302,000 Mozambique 302,000 Nepal over 1.5 million Niger 316 thousand Nigeria 4 million Pakistan 5.5 million Panama 503 thousand Paraguay 2 million Peru 2 million Philippines over 6.2 million Papua New Guinea 302 thousand South Korea over 1 million Senegal 302 thousand Somalia 302,000 South Africa over 5.6 million Sri Lanka 1.5 million Sudan 604 thousand Taiwan 2.5 million Tajikistan 1.5 million Tanzania over 1 million Thailand 1.5 million Tunisia 1 million Ukraine 2 million Uruguay 500,000 Uzbekistan 3 million Vietnam 5 million Zambia 302,000

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Vaccines supplied by the United States at Dili Airport in Timor-LestePAP / EPA / ANTONIO DASIPARU

The statement explained that the United States was able to divide the doses because of “decisive action by the president upon taking office to ensure that there are enough vaccines for all Americans.”

It reported that most of the vaccines made in the US were shipped through the COVAX (WHO’s Global COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Program for Developing Countries). It added that the United States also worked closely with key regional partners, including the African Union (AU) and the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM).

US State Department spokesman Ned Price at a conference on Wednesday said the more than 110 million doses that the United States has donated to the world “are just the beginning.” Among other things, he mentioned the Quad alliance, which provides for the mass production of a Johnson & Johnson vaccine in India with financial and logistical support from the US, among others.

El Salvador. Workers at San Oscar Romero Airport unpack vaccines shipped by the United States PAP / EPA / ANTONIO DASIPARU

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / ANTONIO DASIPARU

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