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Coronavirus Vaccinations. Registration for vaccination with the third dose for people over 50 and medics. How to register?

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Registration for coronavirus vaccinations begins on Friday with the third dose for all people over 50 and medical workers who are in constant contact with patients.

The Ministry of Health – taking into account the recommendations of the Medical Council – started issuing referrals to e-registration for vaccinations with a booster dose for all people over 50 years of age and for health care professionals who have direct contact with the patient.

In the absence of an automatically issued e-referral, from September 23, the doctor – for specific groups of people – may issue a referral for a booster vaccination himself. Referrals for the third dose of the vaccine for people 50 plus are to be automatically issued according to PESEL numbers when a given person has passed six months from full vaccination.


A booster dose is given to vaccinated people who have completed the primary COVID-19 immunization schedule to improve, consolidate, and extend protection after vaccination.

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An additional, booster dose is given to immunocompromised individuals whose immune response to vaccination may not be sufficient. The dose in this case is administered to achieve optimal protection.

A booster dose is given in the indicated groups with an interval of at least 6 months after the completion of the full COVID-19 immunization schedule.

Third dose of COVID-19 vaccine for people with impaired immunity

The vaccination schedules and the interval for administering an additional dose to people with severe immunodeficiencies were published in the release on September 1, 2021 – from this date the registration of this group of patients starts. As announced in the announcement, the registration of the third dose can be made in the application salon.gov.pl. You must enter vaccination data and enter “3” for the dose number administered and the number of doses (3/3).

The Ministry of Health informed that people vaccinated with a booster dose should be vaccinated with the Comirnata Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, regardless of the type of vaccine previously used during the primary vaccination with the 1st and 2nd dose.

People who received Vaccine Janssen single-dose COVID-19 (Johnson & Johnson) during the primary immunization process are also eligible for a booster dose. These recommendations may be updated together with the decision of the European Medicines Agency on the dosage regimens for the preparations used in the implementation of vaccination.

Until a decision is issued by the European Commission (based on the findings of the European Commission, the Council and the European Parliament) on the renewal of EU COVID-19 certificates for people who will receive the next dose of the vaccine, the validity of the issued certificates does not change.

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