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Coronavirus Vaccinations. Restrictions for the unvaccinated in Poland? Politicians comment

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Jan Strzeżek, spokesman for the Agreement, called on vaccination: “Let’s finally end the anti-scientific nonsense of anti-vaccines” – he wrote in social media and referred to the possible introduction of restrictions on unvaccinated people. “Coercion is bad, but worse than coercion are the tragedies of hundreds of thousands of people who lost relatives and friends during the pandemic” – he stressed. The idea of ​​introducing this type of regulation was also commented on by other politicians, including Deputy Minister of Regional Policy Waldemar Buda (PiS).

“Before the fall, it is worth considering the French solutions seriously” – Jan Strzeżek, the spokesman of the Agreement, wrote on social media on Sunday. “Coercion is bad, but worse than coercion are the tragedies of hundreds of thousands of people who lost relatives and friends during the pandemic” – he assessed. “Let’s end the anti-research nonsense of anti-vaccine workers,” he added.


“French solutions”, which Strzeżek wrote about, is a reference to the recent decisions of the French authorities regarding the fight against the coronavirus. The lower house of the French parliament passed an anti-covid law on Sunday night, which includes the extension of the health certificate to places such as cafes and restaurants and a provision on compulsory vaccinations for health workers.

Buda: I am a supporter of such solutions

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Waldemar Buda (PiS), Secretary of State in the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy, said in an interview with TVN24 on Monday that he is “a supporter of such solutions” and looks forward to discussing this issue.

– First of all, we encourage you. We put a lot of emphasis, we spent a lot of money on the lottery, incentives, vaccination points, making vaccination points more attractive, groups of housewives that have these possibilities, all the rest. There comes a stage where encouraging must turn into some kind of imperative and this moment will probably appear in the fall – he said.

Kierwiński: what is done is the necessary minimum

According to Marcin Kierwiński, MP from the Civic Coalition, “what is done is such a necessary minimum”. – What we should start with is a real vaccination campaign involving top politicians. No longer winking like this, no more strange statements from the Lord [prezydenta, Andrzeja – red.] Bagpipes, no strange statements from the master [premiera, Mateusza – red.] Morawiecki. Only a clear, clear vision that those who do not vaccinate de facto endanger their lives and endanger the lives of their loved ones – he said.

Commenting on the words of Strzeżek and Buda, Kierwiński assessed that “this government is not something very special he would expect”. – When the whole world was getting ready for the next waves of the pandemic, the Polish government was always behind, it was always unable to predict a month ahead – said the KO parliamentarian.

– It is good that such voices exist in the so-called divided right-wing circles, but somewhere at the very end it would be important for the minister of health to start acting, for the plenipotentiary for vaccination to start acting, for the prime minister of the Polish government to speak. After all, it is obvious that the fourth wave of a pandemic is only a matter of time. There is really nothing to wait for here. We have maybe a month, maybe one and a half to vaccinate as many Poles as possible and we have to start acting today – added Kierwiński.

Maciejewska: It’s time for the government to stop flirting with anti-vaccines

Beata Maciejewska, MP from the Left, also commented on the matter. – I think it is high time for the government to finally stop flirting with anti-vaccines, but to deal with reliable information on vaccines and their benefits. This does not happen – said the deputy.

Maciejewska: It’s time for the government to stop flirting with anti-vaccinesTVN24

– Today the government has a huge propaganda machine. And instead of using, for example, TVP to spread hate among people and to spread fake news, it should make sure that TVP broadcasts information on vaccinations from morning to evening – she added.

Restrictions on unvaccinated in France

The lower house of the French parliament, the National Assembly, adopted a new anti-Covid law on Sunday night. It includes, inter alia, compulsory vaccinations for health workers. The plans to adopt the new law led to anti-vaccination protests. There were clashes with the police.

What are the restrictions for the unvaccinated in Europe?TVN24

On July 12, French President Emmanuel Macron announcedthat the obligation to have a sanitary certificate (le pass sanitaire) confirming vaccination or acquiring immunity to COVID-19 will apply from August to people going to cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, planning to travel by train or a long journey and visiting medical facilities. He added that in about 10 days, this certificate will also be valid in entertainment venues and cultural establishments.

Shortly after the French President announced new vaccination restrictions, three million people signed up and the number is increasing. For comparison, in Poland and Germany the vaccination rate has been decreasing since June.

How did restrictions for the unvaccinated affect the vaccination rate?TVN24

Main photo source: PAP / Grzegorz Michałowski

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