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Coronavirus vaccine. WHO interrupts approval process of Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine

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Coronavirus vaccine. WHO believes that the production of Sputnik V does not meet the required standards. The World Health Organization announced the suspension of the approval process of the Russian preparation.

Russia first applied to the WHO for approval of its Sputnik V vaccine in February this year, but the WHO decided to delay its approval until another inspection could be carried out at one of the Sputnik V production sites. Euronews recalls, that the results of the research published in the medical journal “The Lancet” indicate that the Russian vaccine has 91.6 percent. effectiveness against coronavirus. The official Sputnik Twitter account recently published information that the preparation showed an effectiveness of 97.2%. during the vaccination campaign in Belarus.

Putin is surrounded by a sanitary zone impenetrable to the coronavirusAt the end of March last year, Vladimir Putin was surrounded by a sanitary zone impenetrable to the coronavirus. At the beginning of the pandemic, he holed up at his residence and most of his meetings were held remotely. To get to the building in which he was staying, it was necessary to go through the entire decontamination system, and the president’s staff and those who had direct contact with him had to undergo quarantine before they were admitted to Putin. Journalists from the Russian BBC section managed to establish that the administration of the Russian president received 2.5 billion rubles, or about 130 million zlotys, to fight the coronavirus. The TVN24 correspondent, Andrzej Zaucha, is responsible for the case.TVN24 BiS, Kremlin.ru

Sputnik V vaccine. WHO is holding Russia’s application

However, both the WHO and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) said they were still waiting for full data from the vaccine manufacturer. WHO Deputy Director Jarbas Barbosa further explained that Russia’s application was withheld because “when checking one of the factories where the vaccine is produced, it turned out that the plant did not meet the latest production standards.”

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Sputnik V vaccineYURI KOCHETKOV / EPA / PAP

– The (vaccine) manufacturer must take this into account, make the necessary changes and be ready for a new inspection. WHO is waiting for information from the manufacturer that the production line meets the standards, said Barbosa.

WHO previously raised concerns about possible contamination of the preparation at the Sputnik V manufacturing plant in Ufa. In June this year. however, plant management company Pharmstandard said WHO inspection “did not identify any critical issues”.

“We invite WHO to the next inspection. We remain fully transparent and we will continue the WHO prequalification process” – wrote the company’s authorities in a press release.

Main photo source: YURI KOCHETKOV / EPA / PAP

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