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Corpus Christi 2023, Warsaw. Changes in communication for the long weekend

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Due to the upcoming long weekend, the Public Transport Authority is introducing changes to the timetables of some bus and tram lines. The subway will also be different.

First changes will apply from Wednesday. The metro will run according to the Friday timetable, with night runs. The night lines, on the other hand, follow the weekend schedule.

Public transport in Corpus Christi

On Thursday, Corpus Christi, day lines (including local L- lines) will run according to holiday schedulesa night lines (on the night of June 8 to 9) – according to the Sunday timetable.

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The operation of line 126 and the night line N58 will be suspended, the route of line 735 will be corrected – ramps to the Kupiecka stop will be suspended. A special timetable will be introduced on lines 193 and 263.

Public transport on Friday, June 9

On Friday, June 9 daytime buses run according to Saturday timetableslocal lines L-2, L-5, L-8, L12, L13, L17, L19, L23, L26, L27, L31, L32, L39, L47, L48, L51, L52according to the weekday timetable, and the L24 line – according to the weekday timetable, along with the shortening of all courses to the Zgoda – Kazimierzowska section. Other L- lines will run according to the Saturday timetable.

Line 409 will be suspendeda during rush hours, buses of the following lines will run on the streets: 317, 331, 401, 402. In selected journeys, line 331 is diverted to the route: Chopin Airport … Wirażowa, Poleczki, Osmańska, a U-turn at the Osmańska loop – DHL, Osmańska, Poleczki, Chozniego … Metro Wilanowska. All routes of line 401 will be carried out on the shortened route Ursus Niedźwiadek – Metro Służew.

A special schedule of line 126 will be introduced – selected courses will be directed by Polfa. Special schedule will also apply for lines: 120, 136, 138, 145, 178, 186, 190, 193, 197, 500, 502, 504, 509, 511, 514, 517, 520, 521, 523, 525, 527, 709, 710, 719 723, 724, 735, 739, 742, 743.

Trams will run on a Saturday timetableand the lines 2, 17 and 31 by special. The Połczyńska – Parking P+R stops will be launched for lines 23, 26 and 78.

Subway with a different frequency

The underground railway will also run on a Saturday schedule. “During peak hours, the lines will run with increased frequency: M1 to 3.5 minutes and M2 to 4 minutes.” – ZTM informed, adding that night courses will be launched.

High Speed ​​Urban Railway will run according to the weekday timetable.

How will public transport go on Saturday and Sunday?

In days June 10-11 (Saturday-Sunday), will be introduced special schedule of line 193. Other lines will run according to standard timetables for these days of the week.

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