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Corpus Christi. Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz: The Church is one and universal, not national

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The Church cannot be instrumentalized even for the most just national causes, Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz said during the celebration of Corpus Christi in Warsaw. He emphasized that the Church is one and is universal, not national, even if someone thought so.

– The Church is needed by the modern world, as it preaches the evangelical law of love, justice and peace to all the baptized and people of good will, above divisions into nations and languages, above party divisions, above continents, because it is one and universal, not national, even if someone it seemed so – indicated Cardinal Nycz in the homily crowning the central procession of Corpus Christi.

He stressed that “the Church cannot be instrumentalized for even the most just national causes, nor can it bind itself or narrow itself down to one option so that it can preach the Gospel to everyone and be for everyone.”

He explained that “there is no Polish Church, but in Poland there is one and the same universal Church.” “It’s a seemingly small difference in words, but very significant in content,” he pointed out.

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– Through the witness of living the Gospel and its proclamation, the Church becomes, in a way, the conscience of the world – said the cardinal. – He formulates the consciences of the baptized and indicates the hierarchy of values ​​resulting from the Gospel, constantly saying: If you want? he stressed.

Nycz: The Church will preach the Gospel of life from conception to natural death

At the same time, the Metropolitan of Warsaw pointed out that “the Church will everywhere preach the Gospel of sacramental and indissoluble marriage, the Gospel of the family – and no one can forbid it, even contrary to opinions.” – He will preach – even against the opinions that this science is outdated and unfashionable – he noted. He added that this is also a huge task facing Christian families.

card. Nycz emphasized that “the Church will also preach the Gospel of life from conception to natural death, against attempts to make abortion and euthanasia a human right.”

“(The Church) will preach the truth about the Gospel of love, justice and mercy, because only thanks to this we live that God constantly forgives us,” said the cardinal.

Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz, Metropolitan of Warsaw, during the Holy Mass in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in WarsawPAP/Pawel Supernak

The Metropolitan of Warsaw explained that “forgiveness is the condition and the way to any reconciliation.” – It is not an act of cold justice, but of love and mercy. Forgiveness opens the way to the search for truth, justice and reconciliation, he said. – This was the case, for example, in 1965, in the famous letter of Polish bishops to German ones – said Cardinal Nycz. He explained that by offering unconditional forgiveness, “Polish bishops paved the way and paid a high price for it.” “They could afford it because they were very brave,” he said.

The Warsaw central procession of Corpus Christi went on Thursday along Świętojańska Street to Plac Zamkowy, then Krakowskie Przedmieście and ul. Królewska to Piłsudski Square.

Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz during the central Corpus Christi procession in the Archdiocese of WarsawPAP/Pawel Supernak

“The ceremony touches the depths of our hearts and expresses his faith and longing for what is most important”

During the Holy Mass in St. Mary’s Basilica in Gdańsk, the Metropolitan of Gdańsk, Archbishop Tadeusz Wojda, said that the celebration of Corpus Christi “apart from the great manifestation of our faith, is a place of mysterious union of our lives with the life of Jesus Christ, who gives himself to us as food in the Eucharist”.

– This ceremony touches the depths of our hearts and expresses our faith and longing for what is most important, for the meeting with Jesus, our Redeemer, who remains alive with us in the Eucharist. If we have understood how important the Eucharist is, then let us feel sent by Jesus to help others open up to the Eucharistic Christ – said Archbishop Wojda.

Archbishop Jędraszewski: we are to make room for God who is love

Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski, during the celebration of Corpus Christi in Krakow, said to the participants of the procession: “We are not going, dear sisters and brothers, with clenched fists, with words full of hatred, vulgarity and contempt on our lips directed against our Polish brothers. We have, if not hands, then for sure hearts raised to God singing a processional song.

As the clergyman emphasized, the participants of the Krakow Corpus Christi procession from Wawel to the Main Market Square “go faithful to Christ, faithful to the law of the gospel, faithful to their life vocation”. The Metropolitan of Krakow, drawing attention to the decorations of the fourth altar, noted that they refer to “two columns of the Polish Church of the past decades – Cardinals Stefan Wyszyński and Karol Wojtyła”. “They were permeated by boundless love for the Church, which was also expressed in readiness to suffer,” he pointed out.

– For us, for the Church in Poland, they were true pillars of the Church, because they were able, they had the courage to speak in time and out of time – added Jędraszewski.

According to him, their message is still relevant even today, “when we are constantly confronted with atheistic and materialistic ideologies.” – And we are to make room for God, who is love. That is why we must not agree that, through indifference, silence, cowardice, betrayal, we sometimes make room for the evil spirit, the spirit of lies, hatred and violence, appealed the archbishop.

Catholics, Jędraszewski said, are tasked with “proclaiming the truth about a man who is essentially a religious being, who sometimes unconsciously longs for the true God, who also longs for love and truth.” – In spite of this brutalization of social and political life, in spite of this constantly spreading, every day it would seem with even greater force, an anti-culture of lies, slander and deliberately aroused hatred between us – added the Metropolitan of Krakow.

Jędraszewski: who gave us the right to decide about the life of another human being?

In his homily, he pointed out that “love for God demands that we love the life of every other human being, no matter who they are, from the moment of conception until natural death.”

– In this context, how to judge some parties whose candidates for electoral lists are to commit themselves to vote in favor of abortion? What about the parties that propose a real Pilate’s gesture, that is, referendums on abortion? Who gave us the right to decide about the life of another human being? Jędraszewski asked. God has given us the right and, at the same time, a huge obligation to love everyone’s life, and love carries with it a huge obligation to defend life, to guard it, not to be afraid when talking about what life really is, he said.

He emphasized: “There is no other way for Poland than its faithfulness to the teachings of the Church, and building our homeland anew on the foundations of Christian tradition and Christian values.”

“Only in this way does the Church become in Christ a sign and instrument of unity”

In the Gniezno cathedral, the Primate of Poland, Archbishop Wojciech Polak, emphasized that everything that is against the unity of the faithful is contrary to the Eucharist and can never take place in it – in any form.

– The Church in the Eucharist rejoices in the presence of the Lord. The Blessed Sacrament – wrote John Paul II – somehow sets the rhythm of his days, filling them with trusting hope. Whenever the Eucharist is celebrated, as the Second Vatican Council teaches us, there is a unity of the faithful, who are one body in Christ. Here we can really be and we are one. Therefore, everything that opposes this, everything that jeopardizes our unity, that is against the unity of all of us, is contrary to the Eucharist and can never have a place in it in words, gestures, attitudes, life – said the primate.

The Primate of Poland Archbishop Wojciech Polak leads the procession after the Holy Mass in the Gniezno ArchcathedralPAP/Marek Zakrzewski

Recalling the words of John Paul II, he emphasized that it is thanks to the union with the Body of Christ that the Church “becomes more and more deeply in Christ a sacrament, that is, a sign and an instrument of intimate union with God and the unity of the whole human race.”

– Only in this way does the Church become a sign and instrument of unity in Christ. For we are this community that is nourished by the Body and Blood of Christ. In him is our strength and in him is the call with which he, present among us, constantly addresses us. That is why we feed on Jesus, so that we who eat it may become his Body living in the world today. By accepting him, we are to allow Christ to act in our actions: that his thoughts be our thoughts, his feelings our feelings, his choices also our choices, he said.

The Primate reminded that Pope Francis called this presence our spiritual DNA of the construction of unity. He also called for the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist to “cure us all from the ambition to dominate others, from the desire to gather for ourselves, from fomenting discord and spreading criticism, from seeking rivalry, feeding and fueling some deadly jealousy or spreading slanderous gossip.”

Corpus Christi

The celebration of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, commonly known in Poland as Corpus Christi, was established for the entire Church by Pope Urban IV in 1264 with the bull “Transiturus”. It is a movable feast, in Poland it falls on the Thursday after the celebration of the Holy Trinity.

In our country, Corpus Christi is a day off from work. Catholics are obliged to participate in the holy mass on this day.

Main photo source: PAP/Pawel Supernak

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