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Corruption scandal in the EP. Eva Kaili will remain in custody. Panzerich accountant Monica Rossana Bellini under house arrest

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A Belgian court has extended the detention of Evie Kaili, a former vice-president of the European Parliament accused of corruption. In turn, an Italian court has decided that the accountant of the family of former Italian MEP Antonio Panzeri, Monica Rossana Bellini, will be placed under house arrest in Milan.

Eva Kaili, former vice-president of the European Parliament, who was arrested on December 9 in Brussels and accused of corruption, must remain in custody for at least a month, a court in Brussels decided on Thursday Belgium.

According to Belgian judges, further detention is necessary due to the risk of absconding and smearing. Kaila’s defense, quoted by the media, argues that there is no such threat.

Eva Kaili’s lawyers, Andre Risopoulos (left) and Michalis Dimitrakopoulus (right), talk to journalists OLIVIER HOSLET/PAP/EPA

In addition, her lawyers Mihalis Dimitrakopoulos and Andre Risopoulos said on Thursday that Kaili had been subjected to “medieval torture” in the past week. They recognized that from 3 to 13 January she was in isolation, in the cold, deprived of warm clothes and unable to wash.

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The accountant of the Panzerich family was placed under house arrest

The accountant of the family of former Italian MEP Antonio Panzeri, Monica Rossana Bellini, was placed under house arrest in Milan on Thursday, the Ansa agency reported.

The accountant was first arrested at the San Vittore prison in Milan. The judge then upheld the restriction of her freedom and ordered her house arrest as a preventive measure.

The woman ran the financial affairs of the Panzeri family members who were detained. The former MEP is in custody in Brussels and has declared his readiness to cooperate with the judiciary. His wife and daughter, also accused of corruption, are under house arrest in Lombardy. The Italian court agreed to transfer them to Belgium.

Corruption scandal in the European Parliament

Investigators into corruption in the EP claim that it was the accountant who created the system of entities through which the corrupt money received by Panzeri was passed and “laundered”.

According to the media, one of the defendants in the scandal, Francesco Giorgi, testified before judges in Belgium that Bellini and Panzeri had gone to Qatar during the recent FIFA World Cup.

The corruption scandal in the European Parliament, in which former Italian left-wing MEP Antonio Panzeri is also involved, concerns the acceptance of financial benefits from Qatar in exchange for decisions favorable to this country.


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