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Cosmetic products withdrawn from the market. GIS warning

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The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS) has issued a public warning regarding seven cosmetic products from Markwins Beauty Brands. According to the office, they have been withdrawn from the market.

According to GIS, due to information from Markwins Beauty Brands, the following cosmetic products have been withdrawn from the market: POP GIRL Color Tin (code: 1539009E), POP GIRL Beauty On-the-Go-Neon Pink (1539012E), POP GIRL Nail Blockbuster ( 1539014E), POP GIRL Beauty Case (1539017E), POP GIRL Color Train case (1539021E), POP GIRL Beauty Vanity Case (1539022E), POP GIRL Mini Beauty Case Set (1539011E).

Products withdrawn from the market – reasons

GIS reported that the above-mentioned products “are recalled due to the content of a preservative that is not allowed for use in products left on the skin (methylisothiazolinone / methylchloroisothiazolinone mixture), underestimated the content of the preservative (phenoxyethanol) and the lack of another preservative in the list of ingredients 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol”.

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“According to the company’s information, the products should be returned to the supplier” – wrote the Sanepid in a message.

In April, the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS) issued a public warning for three cosmetic products from Markwins Beauty Brands – it was about batches of products: Pop GIRL Beauty Vanity Case, Pop GIRL Mini Beauty Case Set, LOL Triple Layer Tin.

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