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Cosmine. The dump truck fell into a quarry and caught fire. The driver’s leg was crushed and he died three days later

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In the mine in Kośmin (Lower Silesia), a dump truck, probably due to a failure, started rolling down the hill, then fell into the excavation and caught fire. The operator of the vehicle at one point jumped out of the car, unfortunately enough to crush his leg. On Friday, the Wroclaw hospital informed the prosecutor’s office about the death of the 61-year-old.

The incident took place on February 14, after 4 pm. – The duty officer of the Commander’s Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Dzierżoniów received a report about a car accident in the mine in Kośmin, as a result of which the driver of the vehicle was injured. Upon arrival at the scene, a driver who required pre-medical assistance and a burning technological vehicle that rolled down the slope were found – informs Leszek Paziński, press officer of the Dzierżoniów fire brigade.

Explosions during fire fighting

Some of the firefighters started to provide first aid to the victim, who was then transported by the Polish Medical Air Rescue helicopter to the University Clinical Hospital in Wrocław. Others put out the fire.

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– Our actions consisted in applying two currents of heavy foam to the vehicle. The action was difficult due to the specificity of the mine, difficult access, difficult access to the vehicle. During the operation, two tires of the vehicle blew up, which created a threat to firefighters, other tires could also explode – said the commander of the action, Andrzej Wójtowicz from the fire brigade in Dzierżoniów, in an interview with Telewizja Sudecka.

The hauler fell into a quarry and caught fireSudecka Television

Leg crushed

Representatives of the National Labor Inspectorate and the District Mining Office appeared on the spot. The prosecutor’s office also carried out its activities. The course of the event was established on the basis of the report of the foreman and the employee helping the hauler operator.

– The 61-year-old driver was conscious all the time. While helping him after the accident, he told his colleague that while driving up a hill, a vehicle carrying 50 tons of cargo suddenly stopped braking. The man tried to stop him, but when he saw that it was impossible, he jumped out of the vehicle. Unfortunately, he was so unlucky that he pulled the wheel, turned sharply, hooked the ladder when he jumped and fell somewhere between the boulders protecting the road and the wheels of the vehicle – says Emil Wojtyra, Deputy District Prosecutor in Dzierżonów.

Just then, the 61-year-old’s leg was crushed.

The hauler fell into a quarry and caught fireSudecka Television

Operator’s death

The prosecutor’s office appointed an expert expert with knowledge of machinery and large industrial vehicles to inspect what was left of the dump truck. Investigators will focus on securing documentation and examining the technical condition of the vehicle to answer the question of whether the accident occurred due to someone’s negligence or human error.

Proceedings have been initiated for an accident at work, but according to the latest information, the qualification will most likely be extended to include manslaughter.

– On Friday we received information from the hospital that the 61-year-old victim died. We do not know the cause of death yet, we are waiting for this information. We immediately ordered an autopsy, next week we should know the preliminary findings – Tomasz Fedorszczak, head of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Dzierżoniów, points out.

We received the photos and the recording courtesy of Telewizja Sudecka.

tvn24.pl / Sudecka Television

Main photo source: Sudecka Television

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