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Councils. They allegedly abused animals. The indictment was brought to court

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Three people were charged with animal cruelty at a shelter for homeless animals in Radysy, Masuria. The indictment in this case was brought to court. The investigation lasted over four years.

According to Daniel Brodowski, spokesman for the District Prosecutor's Office in Olsztyn, charges were brought against two people managing the shelter and a veterinarian who provided veterinary care for the animals.

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He also reported that the indictment against 66-year-old Zygmunt D., 37-year-old Daniel D. and 42-year-old Bartłomiej K. was sent to the District Court in Pisz. They are accused of, among others: for cruelty to animals in the shelter for homeless animals in Radysy in the Biała Piska commune.

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Shelter in RadysyTVN24

The case of the shelter in Radysy

The case became public in June 2020 after the prosecutor's office conducted a search and inspection at a shelter in Radysy, where over a thousand animals were staying. According to investigators, 10 dead dogs were found, and 70 requiring treatment were transferred, among others, to: to veterinary clinics. The remaining animals were eventually transferred to other institutions caring for animals.

Inspection of the prosecutor's office at the shelter in RadysyTVN24

In the opinion of the Olsztyn prosecutor's office, Zygmunt D. and Daniel D. from June 2010 to June 2020, running a business in the form of a shelter for homeless animals in Radysy, they jointly and in concert abused animals, including: in such a way that they caused and consciously allowed pain and suffering to be caused to them by people caring for animals in the shelter. They were accused of acting with particular cruelty, causing excessive physical and mental suffering to animals. This is punishable by up to five years' imprisonment.

The animals were tortured to death

They allegedly committed this crime by keeping dogs and cats in inappropriate living conditions, including gross negligence and sloppiness, and in particular by not providing appropriate veterinary care, by keeping animals in a state of untreated disease and by failing to provide vaccinations.

According to the findings of the investigation, the animals were kept in excessive crowds and in the wrong room, without adequate quarantine and without staff with knowledge and qualifications in animal care. They also did not have proper shelter from the weather and stayed in an area where they were exposed to bodily harm.

The spokesman for the Regional Court in Olsztyn about the abolished arrest of the owner and manager of the shelter in Radysy

The spokesman for the Regional Court in Olsztyn about the abolished arrest of the owner and manager of the shelter in RadysyTVN24

According to the prosecutor's office, they were also kept without adequate food and water for a period “beyond the minimum needs appropriate for the species.”

Illegally possessed a weapon

According to the prosecutor's office, Zygmunt D. will also be charged with illegal possession of ammunition, and Daniel D. will be charged with making unlawful threats in order to put pressure on a witness.

Bartłomiej K. was accused of abusing animals from April 2019 to June 2020 – while employed as a veterinarian in a shelter in Radysy – by performing procedures and surgical operations on them contrary to the principles of veterinary medicine, in a way that causes them pain, as well as keeping animals, among others. in conditions of untreated disease, without providing them with the necessary medical and veterinary assistance.

The Warsaw Shelter Na Paluchu adopted 135 dogs from the shelter in RadysyUM Warsaw

According to investigators, he also provided incorrect and ineffective prevention and veterinary care to combat parasites, which created a threat to the health of people caring for animals in the shelter. This is punishable by up to three years' imprisonment.

In the initial period of the investigation, the accused Zygmunt D. and Daniel D. were subjected to temporary arrest, which was later – by court decision – changed to police supervision and property bail.

Over a thousand dogs lived in the shelter in Radysy in terrible conditionsTVN24

Main photo source: TVN archive

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