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County hospitals are on the brink. “We can talk about the bankruptcy of the health care system in Poland”

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The vast majority of county hospitals are so indebted that there are already words of bankruptcy. The debt is getting bigger. Hospitals survived the pandemic, but may not survive the next government decisions.

During the pandemic, the hospital in Brodnica managed. Not now. In 2023, it recorded financial losses for the first time. Over half a million zlotys for the first half of the year. Brodnica is no exception. As revealed by the National Association of Poviat Hospital Employers, as many as 191 out of 211 poviat hospitals recorded financial losses in 2022. It is getting worse every year, because compared to the previous one, the situation has deteriorated in another nineteen facilities.

– We can talk about the bankruptcy of the health care system in Poland at the moment (…). In Warsaw, the losses of our city hospitals in the last year alone amounted to PLN 89 million. This year, these losses will be much higher, if nothing changes in the valuation – Renata Kaznowska, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw.

From July it will be even worse, because the government has ordered further increases in minimum wages in health care. It seems that the government will again not cover all these costs for hospitals. Where valuations are, directors grab their heads. They got dramatically little. The rulers propose that hospitals make more surpluses, then they will break even. – It’s such a simple comparison, as if a horse, for example, was pulling a cart of coal and suddenly another cart would be added to it, and for that he would get a little more hay. Well, it won’t work, this horse won’t pull so much, because we already have so many surpluses that we are simply not able to do it anymore – alarms Mariusz Trojanowski, director of the District Hospital in Aleksandrów Kujawski.

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The hospital in Koszalin suspended the neurological wardFacts after noon TVN24

Minister Niedzielski’s unfulfilled promises

The Provincial Specialist Hospital in Włocławek ended 2022 with a loss of PLN ten million. Now June is also negative. This is vegetation, not development. – We always and all the time need to apply for a subsidy, i.e. money from the outside, for infrastructure, repairs and equipment purchases – explains Karolina Welka, director of the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Włocławek.

We wanted to ask the Minister of Health how he wants to help hospitals that are in debt. However, he declined to comment on the matter. Adam Niedzielski announced a rescue plan for hospitals a year and a half ago. – Today is a day that will go down in the history of hospitality in Poland. Today, we are launching a fundamental, if one may say so, reform of the Polish hospital system, announced the minister at the time. This reform has not yet entered into force.

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