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Couples struggling with infertility are counting on the restoration of reimbursement for the in vitro method

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Couples struggling with infertility hope that after the elections, the Polish state will again start financially supporting the in vitro program and the stigmatization of parents and children will end. Millions of children have been born in the world thanks to in vitro fertilization.

Parents, children and grandparents – happy thanks to the in vitro method – show up and encourage them to vote. – Elections are an opportunity to change something. We really need this change, says Karolina Klimowicz, mother of a child born thanks to in vitro. Otherwise, many of the millions of infertile Polish couples will never become parents.

Eight years ago there were protests and requests. It didn’t help. Immediately after taking power, Law and Justice eliminated in vitro reimbursement. Difficult years have begun for all Polish women suffering from infertility and their families. – We wanted to show that we are people and that we have had to struggle with the rule of Law and Justice in the last eight years – says Agnieszka Ziółkowska, born thanks to the in vitro method. They were denied not only funding for a modern treatment method – widely available in the world – but also respect.

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In vitro was written negatively in the HiT textbook, and PiS politicians stigmatized the method from the parliamentary rostrum. – This is not a method of fighting infertility, it is human production – said Barbara Bartuś from PiS in May.

All this hate came because someone is using modern medicine to have a baby. – We are stigmatized. The in vitro method is the worst evil, our children are unloved, our children are bred, they are produced. And these children are the most long-awaited, beloved ones – emphasizes Karolina Klimowicz, mother of a child born thanks to in vitro.

Question about financing in vitro. Bożena Żelazowska answersTVN24

Disappointed families

Those who shout loudly that in vitro is bad also know this very well. – I treated many patients who were prominent activists of the option currently in power – says Dr. Jan Domitrz, Center of Gynecology, Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine, “Artemida” Clinic in Białystok. Apparently they had money for what they deny citizens money for. At least several thousand zlotys for an in vitro procedure is beyond the reach of many Polish couples.

– 12 million people around the world have already been born thanks to in vitro. The world has no problem with in vitro. This is our Polish problem – mark Marta Górna, Association for Infertility Treatment and Adoption Support NASZ-BOCIAN.

The restoration of in vitro refunds is proposed by the Civic Coalition, Nowa Lewica and Trzecia Droga, and organizations associating people who have used the in vitro method encourage people to vote. – Show these gentlemen that their actions will not go unnoticed and we will hold them accountable for all their misdeeds – says Kamil Mieszzankowski, father of a child born thanks to in vitro.

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