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Court: Radosław Sikorski is to apologize to Jarosław Kaczyński for his Twitter post. The MEP has announced an appeal against the verdict

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Jarosław Kaczyński won a court case against Radosław Sikorski regarding the protection of personal rights. The court of first instance obliged the MEP to apologize to the PiS president for the Twitter post in which he stated that Lech Kaczyński “contributed to the Smolensk disaster”. The PO politician announced an appeal against the verdict.

President’s representative PIS Attorney Adrian Salus announced on Tuesday that March 17 Jaroslaw Kaczynski won the lawsuit against the MEP Radoslaw Sikorski for the protection of personal rights for the PO politician’s Twitter entry regarding the late president Lech Kaczyński.

It’s about the PO politician’s entry from January 2021, in which the MEP, in the thread about Lech Kaczyński Street in Warsaw, wrote: “Lech Kaczyński was a mediocre president and contributed significantly to the Smolensk disaster. He already has Wawel Castle and arbitrary construction on Piłsudski Square. Enough of building a cult for which there is no basis.”

Sikorski: I will appeal

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“Of course, I will appeal against a positive verdict for Kaczyński in the first instance. I consider the statement in public that there was an attack in Smolensk, and in court that the accident, to be the height of hypocrisy,” Sikorski wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

Sikorski is to apologize

Mec. Salus reported that the District Court in Warsaw, in its judgment of March 17, obliged MEP Radosław Sikorski to publish an apology on his Twitter account within seven days of the verdict becoming final: “I apologize to Mr. Jarosław Kaczyński for the fact that on 14 January 2021, on Twitter, I violated his personal rights, in the form of the cult of the memory of a deceased person, stating that President Lech Kaczyński greatly contributed to the Smolensk catastrophe. Radosław Sikorski”.

The apology is to be published using the so-called pinned for a period of 14 days, without any comments, additions or references to the content. “Without using any formal or content measures that would diminish the meaning, rank and seriousness of the statement, or mark the distance to its content or form, without any measures that would make it difficult for the recipients to read the content or affect the readability of the text.”

In addition, Sikorski is to bear the costs of the trial.

Main photo source: Tytus Żmijewski/PAP

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