Covid-19 in China. Most European Union countries for mandatory tests before leaving China


Most European Union countries are in favor of introducing COVID-19 tests for travelers before leaving China, the European Commission said on Tuesday in response to Beijing’s planned lifting of travel restrictions for its citizens despite the wave of infections.

The countries of the European Union have agreed on a coordinated approach to the changing situation related to COVID-19 in China and the effects of increased travel from China to Europe.

Most are in favor of mandatory coronavirus testing before leaving China, she told journalists in Brussels European Commission. The arrangements were made at Tuesday’s meeting of the EU’s Health Security Committee (HSC).

Coronavirus in ChinaMARK R. CRISTINO/PAP/EPA

EU countries for COVID-19 tests before leaving China

The position proposes measures on: personal hygiene and health measures for travelers (including the recommended wearing of masks on flights from China).

It also recommends wastewater monitoring in aircraft, genomic surveillance at airports and increased monitoring and sequencing, increased EU vigilance on testing and vaccination, and discussion on the need to pre-screen passengers from China before departure.

Talks on details are expected to continue on Wednesday.

Coronavirus in China

The number of COVID-19 cases in China has reached a record high. The peak fell on December 2, 2022. Over the past three weeks, however, the incidence has decreased, probably – according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – also due to fewer tests being carried out, which translated into fewer infections detected.

Main photo source: MARK R. CRISTINO/PAP/EPA

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