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COVID-19 in Poland. Simon on the Ministry of Health’s data on the coronavirus: it has no contact with reality

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The appeal not to gather in closed rooms and to wear masks, especially by people susceptible to severe infection, is becoming rational – said Professor Krzysztof Simon, an epidemiologist, in “Fakty po Faktach”, commenting on the situation related to cases of coronavirus infections in Poland. He stated that the data provided by the Ministry of Health “have no contact with reality.”

Professor Krzysztof Simon, epidemiologist, Head of the Infectious Diseases and Hepatology Clinic of the Medical University of Wrocław, referred to the large number of COVID-19 cases in Poland in “Fakty po Faktach”. – Let’s not dramatize it, although of course there is a problem – he noted.

– It is the autumn period, when diseases transmitted by airborne droplets spread greatly, and we repeat this, all specialists and every doctor, that this is such a season. This not only applies to covid, but also applies to the flu. We have cases of parainfluenza, very rare until recently, but we do have them. And they are also severe in older people, sick people, people with multi-morbidities and immune deficiencies – the professor continued in the conversation.

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– And of course there are a lot of cases of Covid. Fortunately, a significant percentage of those people who go to hospital have been vaccinated. One two Three. It looks different, doesn’t it? Or they have had the infection, a large part of the population has. Therefore, each subsequent Covid infection is usually less severe in these people, he added.

– I have had several deaths since October in two infectious diseases wards. This concerned old people with multi-morbidities, unvaccinated. Unfortunately, Covid was fatal for them, said the epidemiologist.

Simon: Data from the Ministry of Health? This has no contact with reality

The Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that 1,590 new infections were recorded in the last 24 hours coronavirus. 39 people died. – This has no contact with reality, because someone who is slightly ill and coughs does not take a test. Well, some conscious people take a test and, let’s say, isolate themselves at home and try not to spread it to others. But this is, of course, a small part of those who are so overwhelmed or are so panicked that they do the test and start coming to the hospital, demanding to be admitted – commented Prof. Simon.

Krzysztof Simon in “Fakty po Faktach”TVN24

– Therefore, the appeal not to gather in closed rooms and to wear masks, especially by people susceptible to severe infection, becomes rational. I’m just waiting for the order to suspend hospital visits in case of massive infections. There will be scandals again with families who want to visit, but no longer want to pick up elderly people because the holidays are approaching. We already have problems with this – said Krzysztof Simon.

The Ministry of Health announced that 210,000 will reach Poland in November. Novavax vaccines. – No, it’s not funny at all, not even funny enough. The question of whether society will be properly informed and interested in vaccination, because there are strong anti-vaccine movements in our country, is something terrifying, said Simon.

– Definitely not enough, but the question is whether it will be used. There must be health promotion, vaccination opportunities, and access to the office – he emphasized.

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