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COVID-19, NIK report on government actions. Janusz Cieszyński: I’m hiding behind immunity. everything we did was legal

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I am absolutely convinced that everything we did during the pandemic was legal, said the Minister of Digital Affairs, former Deputy Minister of Health, Janusz Cieszyński. He assured that if he becomes an MP, he “will not hide behind immunity” in this matter.

The Supreme Audit Office presented the results of three audits on Tuesday regarding the preparations and actions of state authorities, institutions and services in connection with the epidemic COVID-19. According to the Supreme Audit Office, “respirators were purchased that were incomplete, defective or did not meet Polish standards,” and “the complicated, multi-stage procedure created a corruption mechanism.”

The Chamber submitted three notifications to the prosecutor’s office regarding the purchase of respirators.

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Cieszyński: everything we did during the pandemic was legal

He was asked about the Supreme Audit Office’s reports and the issue of purchasing respirators on Wednesday during the pre-election debate on the olsztyn.com.pl website. Minister of Digital Affairs Janusz Cieszyńskiwho was the deputy minister of health until 2020 and was responsible for these purchases.

– I have always declared it and now I will repeat it. If I am elected to the Sejm, if there are any cases brought against me in court regarding this issue (purchase of respirators – editor), I declare that I will not, like your leaders – for example Mr. Grodzki – hide behind immunity – he declared.

– I am absolutely convinced that everything we did during the pandemic was legal – he added.

He said that “in April 2020, there was no medical equipment available anywhere in the world.” – I had a recommendation from Professor Radosław Owczuk, a national consultant for anesthesiology and intensive care, that the equipment offered by the company recommended by the Intelligence Agency was needed to save the lives and health of patients. Moreover, this offer and company have been verified by CBA. There is full documentation in this case, emphasized Cieszyński.

– I had to choice or not make purchases that doctors, experts and even expected me to make PO MPs, because they also submitted interpellations on this matter. If someone wants to hold me accountable for this, I am at your disposal, said Minister Cieszyński.

Janusz CieszyńskiTomasz Waszczuk/PAP

Main photo source: Tomasz Waszczuk/PAP

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