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COVID-19 vaccines. Pope Francis calls on great laboratories to release patents and ensure access to doses for all

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Pope Francis called on laboratories to release patents on COVID-19 vaccines and ensure access to preparations for all nations and every person in the world. “Let them make a gesture of humanity,” he said. In his video message to the world meeting of social movements, he also called for a joint confrontation of the “populist speech of intolerance, xenophobia, hatred of the poor”.

Pope Francis, in his extensive video message to the Saturday meeting of world popular movements, emphasized the need to change socio-economic patterns so that they had a “human face”. “Many models have lost her,” he said.

He also talked about the COVID-19 pandemic and “in God’s name” asked “big laboratories to release patents”. – Let them make a gesture of humanity and let every country, every nation, every person have access to vaccines – he said.


An appeal to international institutions, food and technology companies

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Francis called on financial and international institutions to allow poor countries to meet the most important needs of their nations and to cancel their debts. He continued: – In the name of God, I want to ask large mining, mining, fuel, forestry, development, and agri-food companies to stop destroying forests, wetlands and mountains, to stop polluting rivers and seas, and not to poison nations and food.

The Holy Father asked large food concerns not to impose a monopoly in production and distribution, because – as he assessed – this leads to higher prices and prevents hungry people from having access to bread. “I want to ask the manufacturers and dealers of arms in God’s name to completely cease their activities that fuel violence and war,” he added.

– I want to ask in the name of God the giants of technology to stop using human weakness, the fragility of people to profit, not taking into account the fact that they intensify hate speech, tempting children for sexual purposes, recruiting minors on the Internet, fake news, conspiracy theories, political manipulation, he continued.

Pope Francis: popular movements are not only social poets, but also collective Samaritans

The world of media, the Pope asked for an end to “the logic of post-truth, disinformation, defamation, calumnies and a sick fascination with scandal and something unclean.”

He called for an end to “aggression, blockades and unilateral sanctions against any country”. – Not for neo-colonialism. Conflicts should be resolved in international instances, such as the United Nations, he argued.

Governments called upon them to serve nations who “ask for land, home, work and a good life.” Franciszek expressed the conviction that the changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic require that “not return to the patterns of the past”, because it would be – as he said – “suicide”. – We are not doomed to repeat and build a future based on exclusion and inequality, rejection and indifference – said the Holy Father. In his opinion, together one should face “the populist speech of intolerance, xenophobia, hatred towards the poor”.

The Pope also recalled protests after the death of George Floyd, who died last year during a police intervention in Minneapolis, USA. – It is clear that this type of reaction against social, racist or sexist injustice can be manipulated or instrumentally exploited by political machinations, but the most important thing is that there was a collective Good Samaritan during the demonstration against this death – he assessed.

The Black Lives Matter movement, he said, “did not go any further when it saw the wound to human dignity inflicted by such abuse of power.” – Social movements are not only social poets, but also collective Samaritans – noted Francis.

Main photo source: GIUSEPPE LAMI / PAP / EPA

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