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Covid verification. The head of the presidential cabinet: Hoc’s bill touches on sensitive issues. You have to balance your arguments

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The law on covid verification concerns very sensitive issues, sensitive data, and personal rights of citizens, said Paweł Szrot, the head of the president’s cabinet, when asked about the president’s decision in the event of the enactment of these regulations. He added that “we must balance the arguments of those who say it is needed to combat this epidemic” and those who “defend citizens’ right to data protection here”. He also pointed out that Andrzej Duda is in favor of voluntary COVID-19 vaccinations.

The head of the president’s office, Paweł Szrot, was asked about the position on Saturday Andrzej Duda regarding the draft act on covid verification – submitted by a group of PiS deputies headed by Czesław Hoc – and emerging media reports that the head of state may veto the proposal.

– The bill of MP Hoc is at a very preliminary stage of parliamentary work and it is difficult to say what the final result will be and whether it will be passed at all, because there are various political difficulties here – replied the presidential minister. He also noted that if the bill was sent to the president’s desk, Andrzej Duda “will surely analyze it”.


Bill on covid verification. Szrot: Touches sensitive issues. You have to balance your arguments

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Szrot also indicated that the president is in favor of voluntary action vaccination against COVID-19. – This law touches on a slightly different matter, but also touches on very sensitive issues, sensitive data, personal rights of citizens – he continued.

In his opinion, “there is a great need to weigh the arguments of those who say that it is needed to combat this epidemic – which is unfortunately developing, as we can see today – and the arguments of those who defend citizens’ right to data protection here”.

When asked whether, however, in principle, the president thinks that employers should have information, inter alia, About the vaccination of workers against COVID-19, Szrot replied that “he will be able to say (this) after analyzing the final project”.

Covid verification bill with government backed

According to the authors of the MP’s draft law on covid verification, the new regulations are to “enable the employer to exercise real control” over the risk of coronavirus infection in the workplace. There are provisions that the employer will be able to require the employee to present information about vaccination against COVID-19 or about a negative test result, or information about the past infection.

The first reading of the bill submitted by PiS deputies headed by Czesław Hoc took place in mid-December 2021, and on January 5, a public hearing was organized in the Sejm. January 11 parliamentary health committee gave a positive opinion on the bill on the verification of vaccinations. During the work of the commission, the title of the project was changed and one of the articles was removed. The draft, despite earlier announcements, did not make it to the second reading this week.

On Monday, the minister of health Adam Niedzielski stressed that the Hoca bill was crucial a tool to fight the fifth wave of the coronavirus. On Tuesday The Council of Ministers positively assessed the project, noting that it is “a bill that will enable employers to exercise effective control over the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace.” Government spokesman Piotr Müueler pointed out that the government’s position on this issue is to “strengthen” the project also politically. He also assessed that the proposal “is a reasonable compromise between various circles”.

Main photo source: PAP / Łukasz Gągulski

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