CPK. A new airline may be established to serve it


Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Maciej Lasek sees opportunities for a separate airline to handle cargo for the needs of the Central Communication Port (CPK) – the WNP.PL portal writes on Wednesday.

“For the purposes of this project (CPK – PAP), the United Right created a myth: either cargo in CPK or death. Without CPK there was supposed to be no cargo development in Poland,” said the deputy minister of infrastructure quoted by the portal. He argues that the launch of the CPK airport itself will not cause a sudden increase in the tonnage of cargo in Poland. “We should develop air cargo, but let's talk about real numbers and possibilities. Maybe our airline should appear, which would specialize in servicing this market? With its own planes and service. For the purposes of flights with such freighters, the infrastructure of, among others, the airport in Katowice could already be used. All cargo has its advantages – such planes can fly where flights with passengers are not carried out,” argued the deputy head of the ministry.

Analysis needed

Lasek did not rule out separating LOT Cargo from the national carrier as a separate airline. He added that the decision must still be supported by a business analysis. “Why should we wait with the development of cargo until the opening of the airport in Baranów? After all, this is not a condition for this segment to develop successfully here. We should have thought earlier about developing a stronger position on this market using our own all-cargo planes. Katowice, due to its access to the largest industrial companies in the country, is a good place to try it out,” Lasek noted in an interview with WNP.PL.

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