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CPK audit. Maciej Lasek, government representative for CPK, on ​​the expenses of the Centralny Port Komunikacyjny company

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Centralny Port Komunikacyjny spent PLN 1.2 million on publications in foreign press, PLN 1.8 million on an outdoor campaign in Poland, and the same amount on a television campaign. This information was provided to the Sejm on Thursday by the government representative for CPK, Maciej Lasek. According to the Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, the project needs to be made more realistic.

Company Central Communication Port is a State Treasury company established to prepare and implement investments under the same name. The Central Communication Port is a planned transfer hub between Warsaw and Łódź, which is to integrate air, rail and road transport.

The government’s plenipotentiary for CPK, Maciej Lasek, talked about the ongoing audit. – I have said many times that the audit is to fix this project, and that we will continue those elements that are justified today. We are doing an audit so that the PiS government does not make us hostages of the project – he explained.

The Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz, assured on social media that Poland can afford “big projects.” “We can also afford the CPK. The audit of the Government Plenipotentiary for the CPK must answer whether and how this investment will best serve Poles,” she wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

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Audit at Centralny Port Komunikacyjny

– We are at the beginning of the audit. But in 2023, you spent over PLN 1.8 million (PLN – ed.) on the outdoor campaign in Poland – said the deputy minister of funds. He informed that in addition, PLN 1.8 million was spent on a campaign on Telewizja Polska and one of the private television stations.

– The company supervised by you spent PLN 1,200,000 (PLN – ed.) on publications in the foreign press – he added, directing the words to his predecessor, Marcin Horała from Law and Justice.

Lasek mentioned that over PLN 1.5 million was also spent on paid materials in the national media in the socio-political press, “sponsoring probably all titles supporting PiS at that time.” – There was also local press – only PLN 92,000. More than half of this amount – because you spent PLN 55,000 on one quarterly “Apostoł” – said the government representative.

Maciej Lasek noted that in October last year, the company was working on a communication strategy for 2024-2028. PLN 145,000 was spent on this. zloty. – Why did you allow another PLN 145,000 to be spent at the end of your term on a strategy that will probably go to waste because the schedules are unrealistic? – he asked Horała.

He pointed out that four companies – including two from Gdańsk – carried out events for CPK. – You spent only 4 million of public money on this in 2023 – pointed out the government representative for CPK.

Lasek noted that the information he provided “is just the beginning.” – You could say, the tip of the iceberg. But we are starting audits and we will inform everyone about their results – assured the deputy minister.

Maciej LasekPAP/Tomasz Gzell

Applications for EU funding

Maciej Lasek also said that in 2023, the company was planned to transfer almost PLN 7 billion of treasury securities to increase the share capital and thus to conduct investment activities.

– The company received only slightly more than half of this amount, PLN 3.7 billion. And the remaining PLN 3.3 billion – despite an application submitted to the Minister of Finance – was never transferred, he said. As he assessed, “even the PiS government knew that the state of public finances was tragic and there were probably no funds allocated for these investments.”

The Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy announced that the CPK company has submitted two applications for EU funding. This concerns the High-Speed ​​Railway project near Łódź and the Sieradz Północny-Pleszew-Poznań route.

As he explained, in the case of the other two applications, the comments of the Center for EU Transport Projects regarding the minimum requirements for cost-benefit analysis or environmental issues were not taken into account. As he said, five days before the deadline, the company’s representatives were unable to provide information regarding the arrangements necessary to implement the arrangements with administrative authorities and other infrastructure managers.

His assurances show that if the applications are properly prepared, it will be possible to apply for funding again.

Discussion in the Sejm about CPK

Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy Maciej Lasek appeared in the Sejm on Thursday in connection with the motion PiS MPswho asked the Prime Minister to provide current information “regarding the reasons for stopping the ‘CPK Investment Program’ and the incompetence or conscious sabotage of the program by the government plenipotentiary for the Central Communication Port, Mr. Maciej Lasek.”

The representative of the applicants, MP Marcin Horała, former government plenipotentiary for the CPK, emphasized that the implementation of the central airport investment “would guarantee significant benefits, providing Poland with a development leap.” As he said, the investment process was progressing smoothly and according to schedule until December last year.

– Unfortunately, since December last year, the handbrake has been engaged in this process. More deadlines are passing. There should be an environmental decision, but there isn’t. Of the four prepared applications for EU funding, only two were submitted, the remaining two were not submitted because, in the minister’s opinion, they were poorly prepared – said Horała.

Main photo source: PAP/Tomasz Gzell

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