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CPK construction – Voluntary Acquisition Program. Port spokesman on purchased plots

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The first real estate for the construction of the Central Communication Port has already been purchased, said Konrad Majszyk, the press spokesman of the CPK. He added that all the plots are within the 74 square kilometers area of ​​the Voluntary Acquisition Program (PDN).

The Defender emphasized that the detailed location of the plots of land purchased, the size of the purchased land and the value of the transaction are covered by trade secrets. He added that more people apply to participate in PDN.

– We are currently submitting purchase offers to new residents. Independent property appraisers have made and are still performing valuations for all submissions. I hope we will have more good news to share soon – he pointed out. He added that the transaction took place within three weeks of the announcement of new amenities for residents who are or will be participants in the Voluntary Purchase Program.

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Plots for the Central Communication Port

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PDN is addressed to property owners from the area of ​​the future Central Communication Port, including Solidarność Airport. The Voluntary Acquisition Program covers an area of ​​74 square kilometers on the border of the municipalities of Baranów, Teresin and Wiskitki. The PDN has been in force since December 2020 and has one basic goal: acquire real estate as early as possible through voluntary transactions.

Majszyk pointed out that as part of the PDN, in order to additionally encourage the residents, the CPK modified the offer by proposing new facilities and amenities. These facilities include the following service: Individual Guardian, which includes the support of a CPK advisor at every stage of talks, sales and removal. Another convenience is logistics, i.e. comprehensive organization of relocation and transport of property to a new place. This service – as it was written – will be performed at the expense of the CPK company. In addition, the company provides Legal Service, i.e. a free, individual and tailored notarial process, which means that CPK is able to provide legal assistance, e.g. in the event of the need to regulate the legal status of the land.

In addition, the company offers the possibility of using the property also after the sale transaction is completed, until the commencement of construction works. This means that, at the request of the property owner, it will be possible for the owner to sell the land to the CPK company, but reap the benefits of the crops for the next months or years.


The offer for the sellers of real estate also includes the offer of the Professional Counselor, consisting in the fact that STH can finance and organize counseling in order to support professional development or change the sector of interested residents. The company will also finance trainings and courses for interested residents in order to acquire skills useful in the construction and operation of the airport. At the same time – as indicated – the company will guarantee employment for participants who successfully complete it.

At the same time – as announced – it will be possible to change the real estate being sold to another one in a selected location in Poland.

CPK – Voluntary Acquisition Program

It was noted that the detailed location within the PDN area is currently being specified by experts from the CPK company and with the participation of specialist external advisors, including from Incheon Airport in Seoul. Details of the so-called we should learn about delimitation around the end of the year.

Since December last year, when PDN was launched, the CPK company, as planned, has been collecting applications from residents interested in voluntary sale of real estate. So far, about 200 owners have applied to PDN, and their number has increased in September due to the announcement of additional benefits for the Program participants.

PDN applies to the area west of Warsaw, between the cities of Żyrardów, Grodzisk Mazowiecki and Sochaczew. This area is bordered by: A2 motorway in the south, national road No. 50 in the west, Szymanów and the Pisia river in the north, and the Pisia Tuczna river and Baranów in the east. In total, it is 74 square km.

The addressees of PDN are all owners, co-owners and perpetual usufructors of real estate in this area.

PAP / Maciej Zieliński, Adam Ziemienowicz

Main photo source: TVN24

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