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Cracow. A record result for the Wawel museum

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The director of the Wawel Royal Castle announced that this year the museum achieved PLN 1,985,000. visitors. He also noted that the season is not over yet, so there will be more visitors.

Information about the “all-time attendance” was provided during Thursday’s conference. According to the museum authorities, this success is due to the popularity of temporary exhibitions.

– The season is not over yet, but I can already say that we have now achieved a historic result of one million 985,000 visitors. So we will cross this magical barrier of two million viewers within a few days – Andrzej Betlej, director of the Wawel Royal Castle, told journalists.

He added that this result is more than 200,000. higher than the turnout for the entire last year.

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– I must admit that I did not expect that the exhibition of Jacob Mertens’s paintings from Krakow around 1600 would be seen by nearly 100,000 people, and that the exhibition would be small and I thought it would be for connoisseurs – exhibition of sculptures of the Lviv Rococo school – will see well over 120,000 viewers – said Betlej. And he added: – Also exhibition of BeksiƄski’s sculptures whether the inauguration of unique acquisitions, which we celebrated in June, contributed to an increase in attendance.

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New exhibition at Wawel

The director expressed hope that the latest Wawel exhibition – “Picture of the Golden Age” – will encourage many to visit the Castle. – We are dealing with the largest exhibition in the history of the Castle – emphasized Andrzej Betlej.

This exhibition was arranged in 17 rooms on three floors. The exhibition consists of 450 exhibits, over 400 of which were imported from dozens of museums and libraries around the world. The creators intended the exhibition to present a broad panorama of the culture that flourished in the years 1501-1572 on the vast territory of the Polish-Lithuanian monarchy, during the reign of the last Jagiellon dynasty: Alexander, Sigismund I and Sigismund Augustus. It is also intended to encourage deep reflection on the Renaissance. The “Image of the Golden Age” will be available to visitors from Friday.

– In the near future, after a very complicated conservation renovation, we will hand over the underground spaces of the Castle, where the “Lapidarium” exhibition will be located – announced the director. – It will be a wonderful story about the history of the residence itself, its transformations and conservation. And in November, I hope, we will show masterpieces of Renaissance painting – he added.

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