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Cracow. A series of attacks on ticket inspectors. Eight people beaten during control, a wave of hate on the Internet

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Two ticket inspectors are currently on sick leave after acts of violence on trams and buses in Krakow. In mid-March, there were four people on L4 because of this. A series of attacks during ticket inspections began in autumn last year, since November in Krakow inspectors have been beaten eight times.

Since November last year, ticket inspectors have been beaten eight times in Krakow in public transport. Currently, in connection with incidents in buses and trams, on sick leave there are two controllers, but in mid-March there were four people.

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In the first half of March, a ticket inspector was injured after she checked tickets one of the passengers sprayed pepper spray. In January, the Krakow police published in turn, a recording of a group of people who were supposed to beat the controller at the “Politechnika” stop. The series of attacks became famous in November, when the authorities of the company Rewizor, which employs the controllers, announced that within a month three of their employees ended up in hospitals as a result of aggression from passengers.

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Comptroller: passengers more aggressive than in other cities

Piotr Wieczorek, spokesman for the Rewizor company, which controls tickets in public transport, assessed that “passengers and free riders in Krakow are more aggressive than in other cities.” – In my opinion, this is due to the bad experiences of residents during inspections in the past, but also to the wave of hatred – he stressed.

According to the spokesman, hate against the controllers is fueled on the Internet. As he reported, the inhabitants of Krakow exchange information about the control on a public Facebook group. According to Wieczorek, many comments on this group are filled with hate against inspectors, passengers also publish their photos. – Recently, when the free rider did not want to show her identity document, other passengers stood up for her – noted Wieczorek, emphasizing that the controllers only perform their duties.

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10,000 fines for driving without a ticket per month

The inspector has been inspecting tickets in Krakow since March 2022. Monthly, he issues 9-10,000 calls for payment of fines for driving without a valid ticket in this city. November was record-breaking, when 11,000 received a call for payment. people. The previous company dealing with inspections in Krakow prepared on average over 7,000 requests for payment. At the same time, according to the spokesman, no fines were issued to, for example, homeless or intoxicated people at that time. “We have to issue a fine to anyone with an invalid ticket,” he said.

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The inspector provides services for the Public Transport Authority (ZTP). The latter, in turn, checks the activities of the controllers on the monitoring system. – In Krakow, we are rigorously accountable for work – said the company’s spokesman. Within a day, the Inspector’s employees carry out over a thousand inspections, and they must carry out at least 27,000 of them a month. If the Inspector fails to meet such requirements, ZTP imposes financial penalties on him.

According to ZTP data, 8-14 percent of people appeal against imposed penalties. According to the Rewizor company, less than one percent of complaints are positively considered.

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