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Cracow. Airport bomb prank, border guards sprang into action. Detained 69-year-old

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The 69-year-old, during the inspection at the airport in Balice near Krakow, said that he had explosives in his luggage. This put border guards on their feet, who had to secure the area and check the suitcase, holding up passengers waiting for control. The “joking” senior was detained and brought to the prosecutor’s office.

The irresponsible behavior of one of the travelers put the services on their feet and caused nuisance to other people staying at the airport. The 69-year-old passenger, during the departure security check, found that he had explosives in his luggage. After a signal from the Airport Security Service, the border guards took care of the case.

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Border guards: security checks suspended, shops closed

As we read in the communiqué, the border guards extended the protection zone previously designated by the Airport Security Service. – A pyrotechnic suit, a VIDISCO x-ray machine and a service dog to detect explosives were used in the activities, then the suitcase was checked manually and x-rayed on a stationary X-ray device – said senior warrant officer Tomasz Jarosz from the Carpathian Border Guard Unit.

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The luggage turned out to be completely safe. The suitcase contained only clothes and personal belongings.

Jarosz emphasized that the event did not cause any difficulties in border clearance and did not affect the delays of the planes. However, it forced the suspension of security checks at all posts, as well as the closure of shops and restaurants within the security zone, from which travelers and staff were escorted.

The 69-year-old explained himself to the prosecutor

– A person who claimed to have explosives in his luggage was detained (…). It is surprising that a man, despite his mature age, turned out to be such an irresponsible man – Tomasz Jarosz noted.

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The 69-year-old later explained his behavior to the prosecutor. The man may be charged with raising a false alarm, which carries a penalty of six months to eight years in prison.

Carpathian Border Guard Unit

Main photo source: Carpathian Border Guard Unit

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