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Cracow. Aleksander Miszalski comments on the election results

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Although the National Electoral Commission has not yet announced the final results of the vote, it is already known that Aleksander Miszalski will be the new president of Krakow.

The KO MP's staff reported that by 00:35, votes from 10 committees had to be counted, and Miszalski's advantage was 5,000 votes. This means that his victory is basically certain.

After midnight, Miszalski again thanked the inhabitants of Krakow for their votes. He also pointed out that the difference between him and Łukasz Gibała was really small, which means that almost half of the voters chose his rival. – I will do everything to bury the ditches dug during this campaign, to find a common denominator, to talk, said Miszalski.

Aleksander MiszalskiPAP/Łukasz Gągulski

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And there will be something to bury. As assessed by political scientist prof. Marek Bankowicz, the campaign taking place over the last two weeks in Krakow was the fiercest presidential race in this city. Not all tricks were sporting – there were accusations of unfair campaign, fake news and manipulation.

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Results of the second round of voting in Krakow

The late poll from 00.30 indicated that 51.1 percent votes for Miszalski i 48.9 percent for Gibała.

Aleksander Miszalski from the Civic Coalition ran in the elections with the support of his party. Non-partisan Łukasz Gibała was supported by part of the Left, represented by Daria Gosek-Popiołek. The KO MP obtained 37 percent in the first round of voting. votes, and his rival 27 percent.

Main photo source: PAP/Łukasz Gągulski

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