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Cracow. An all-night queue in front of the city hall for “Apartment for renovation”

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Several dozen people stood in line at the city hall all night long to submit an application under the “Apartment for renovation” program in Krakow. March 1 was the first day for accepting documents, but the first applicants had been waiting since 3 p.m. the previous day. – The interest exceeded our expectations – admits the vice-president of Krakow, Bogusław Kośmider. However, he adds that the place in the queue ultimately matters little.

From March 1, applications can be submitted to the Krakow City Hall under the third edition of the “Apartment for renovation” program. The idea is that in exchange for renovating a city property, you can rent it on preferential terms. The renovation must be carried out within a year of signing the contract, and once the work is completed, the rental is indefinite. The deadline for submitting applications is March 29.

What is this queue for?

However, the number of apartments is limited. There are 100 premises available in the program, so if there is more interest than supply, some people will not take advantage of the city’s offer. That’s why some people waited in front of the office door to submit their applications… all night long.

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The first people were waiting in line from 3 p.m. the previous dayPatryk Kubiak/Radio ESKA Kraków

On Friday morning, a TVN24 reporter asked people “camping” at the Podgórski Market Square how long they had to wait to submit the application. – Currently there are 317 people. I am 305. (…). It’s going slowly, said one of those interested in the city program. – People have been waiting since yesterday since 3 p.m. – said one of the men standing in line.

– You can submit applications throughout the entire month, but if you obtain the same number (points – ed.) according to the criteria, the date of submission (application – ed.) counts. Then it will all be about who is faster and that may also matter. There is great interest, and the final list consists of 100 people, so every point will count in the end – admitted one of our reporter’s interlocutors.

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Vice President: interest exceeded our expectations

Vice-President of Krakow Bogusław Kośmider in an interview with tvn24.pl admits that “this year, the interest on the first day of the program exceeded all expectations.” He informed that on March 1, about 350 applications for “apartment for renovation” were submitted. He is surprised by the determination of people who lined up several hours before the documents were accepted.

– Applications must be submitted in paper form because they often contain errors. Many people need advice when completing these documents. Additionally, some people are not proficient in submitting applications electronically, the vice president notes.

Kośmider adds, however, that even submitting an application right after the office opens has little significance for the decision to grant a place in the program. – The application is scored. It does not matter what time or day it is submitted, as long as it is submitted by March 29. Only if there were applications with the same score at the edge of the list would this hour be significant. The residents apparently treated this as a bit of a precaution. Everyone who lined up was already served at 3:50 p.m., emphasizes Vice-President Bogusław Kośmider.

“Apartment for renovation” in Krakow

As the Krakow City Hall announced in a press release, due to the great interest in the program, two additional service and application reception points were opened at the office in the Podgórski Market Square.

The program is available to people who live in Krakow, but do not own real estate, nor are they co-owners of an apartment in Krakow or in the nearby poviats: Krakow, Wieliczka or Proszowice.

“The program can be joined by people who have achieved an average monthly net income per person in the three months preceding the date of submitting the application, which is: 150-350% of the lowest pension for a one-person household; 125-300% of the lowest pension for a two-person household; 100-250% of the lowest pension – in a multi-person household,” we read in the announcement. Another condition is: “persons joining the program did not have any debt due to the use of a residential premises included in the municipality’s housing resources.”

New criteria in this year’s edition of the program are residence in Krakow, education at the bachelor’s level and positive verification in the previous edition of the program.

For the first time, “apartments for renovation” were awarded in Krakow in 2022. At that time, 717 people submitted applications, and 50 of them received apartments. “40 premises have found a tenant, of which 26 apartments have already been renovated and occupied. The remaining premises are still undergoing renovation,” the municipality notes. In the second edition, there were already 972 applications and 100 places. “74 apartments already have a future tenant, and renovation works are underway in the apartments,” informs the city.

Main photo source: Patryk Kubiak/Radio ESKA Kraków

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