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Cracow. Anna Dymna and Konstanty Genert are winners of the award named after Father Józef Tischner

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On Thursday in Krakow, Anna Dymna and Konstanty Gebert became the winners of the Znak and Hestia Award named after Father Józef Tischner. Dymna received an award in the “pastoral and social initiatives” category, and Gebert “for a book or series of publications”.

On Thursday, the Znak and Hestia Award ceremony took place at the Nowa Huta Cultural Center in Krakow. priest Józef Tischner. From 2022, distinctions are awarded in two categories – “for pastoral and/or social initiatives acting in accordance with the values ​​proclaimed by Father Józef Tischner” and “for a book or series of publications that are a continuation of Tischner’s ‘thinking according to values'”.

The first award was received by Anna Dymna, founder of the “Despite Everything” foundation. As the justification says, she was awarded “for her comprehensive activities on behalf of people with various disabilities, especially intellectual ones, as well as rare diseases and dysfunctions.”

Konstanty Gebert and Anna Dymna TVN24

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In the second category, the winner was journalist and writer Konstanty Gebert for his book “Final Solutions. Genocides and Their Work”. “His story, moving but also overwhelming with statistics of past and contemporary genocides, shows that the memory of them directly affects the present and the future. It can serve good, prevent new mass murders, but it often becomes an ally of evil and allows us to improve methods of exterminating aliens,” it said. in the justification.

Each winner received a cash prize of PLN 50,000. PLN and a statuette designed by Marian Gromada.

The Tischner lecture was delivered by philosopher Tomasz Stawiszyński. The Speaker of the Sejm was also present at the gala Szymon Hołowniawho delivered the speech.

Tischner Award

The gala is organized by Miesięcznik i Wydawnictwo Znak and Ergo Hestia. As they write on the website, “the award has been granted continuously since 2001 to outstanding intellectuals, publicists and social activists who implement the values ​​close to Father Józef Tischner. It promotes a way of thinking and attitudes that combine intellectual reliability, courage and sensitivity to other people. It creates a unique opportunity to show the unity of thinking according to values ​​and empathy, the closeness of intellectual effort and everyday practice of goodness. “Thanks to the patron, it has gained the rank of a special distinction, recognizing not only the intellectual merits of the winners, but also their character and attitude towards the world,” we read.

Past winners include: Barbara Skarga, Lidia Niedźwiedzka-Owsiak and Jerzy Owsiak, Ryszard Kapuściński, priest Michał Heller, Wojciech Jagielski, Wacław Hryniewicz OMI, Henryka Krzywonos, Fr. Józef Krawiec, Karol Modzelewski, Janina Ochojska, Wiktor Osiatyński, Jakub Wygnański, Jerzy Szacki, Stefan Swieżawski, and sister Małgorzata Chmielewska.

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