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Cracow. City guards caught a grebe

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The duty officer of the Krakow City Guard received three reports of a wounded grebe. The bird was captured and transported to the police station, where – according to the guards – it “loudly manifests its independence”.

Reports of grebes began to flow to the duty officer on Thursday early morning. As Marek Anioł, spokesman, assures city ​​guard in Krakow, the bird did not cause problems for the guards. “He used to walk around and stop from time to time. They took him gently and transported him in a rather large box – explains Anioł.

Grebe caught by city guardsMunicipal Police in Krakow

The guards took the grebe to the police station, where the bird began to show displeasure at being trapped. “The guards brought the exceptionally beautiful prince to the headquarters, where he loudly manifests his independence” – we read in the entry posted on the social media of the Krakow guard.

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Now the grebe is waiting for the arrival of specialists who will help him. “They will take him under their care and examine him. He did not appear to be seriously ill, the spokesman said.

Main photo source: Municipal Police in Krakow

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