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Cracow. Closed stop for horse-drawn carriages on the Main Market Square. The reason for the heat

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Due to the heatwave, the authorities of Krakow closed the Main Market Square to horse-drawn carriages. On Monday, from 9.30 am to 7 pm, both parking and horse-drawn vehicles are prohibited in the Sukiennice area. It is not known how long the ban will be in place. City officials say animal welfare is a “city priority.”

The City of Krakow announced on Monday that the stop for horse-drawn carriages on the Main Square was closed. There is also a ban on horse-drawn carriages passing through the Sukiennice area. This is the result of a warning issued by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management regarding heat reaching up to 30 degrees Celsius.

As the officials emphasize in the communication, the substitute stop at Mikołajska Street in front of St. Mary’s Basilica is also closed. Previously, a similar ban due to heatwaves was introduced at the end of June. It is difficult to say how long the one introduced on Monday will last – it depends on possible changes in the weather in the following days.

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Horse-drawn carriages have become a permanent part of the landscape of the Krakow market TVN24

“At the same time, bearing in mind the safety of drivers and sled animals, drivers are obliged to use designated shaded substitute stops (at the Barbican and on the alleys of Planty – at ul. Podzamcze, between ul. Sienna and ul. Mikołajska), additional regular watering of horses and current following messages and the development of the weather situation.

They want a ban on horse-drawn carriages in Krakow

Pro-animal activists have been demanding a complete ban on horse-drawn carriages in Krakow for years. The Krakow Association for the Defense of Animals argues this postulate, among others, that forcing cab horses to work in the greatest heat poses a threat to their health and life. In the message sent to our editorial office in June, KSOZ emphasized that “in the 21st century, the heart of a big city is not the right place to use horses for entertainment purposes. It is a harmful anachronism that should not be present in the public space of our city.”

The activists of the association reminded that in January 2022, the Krakow City Council rejected a civic legislative initiative to ban the operation of horse-drawn carriages. In June this year, activists handed over to the chairman of the council an appeal signed by over 5,500 people to organize a local referendum on this issue.

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“The welfare of cab horses is the city’s priority”

Krakow officials assure that the well-being of cab horses is a “city priority”.

“Regular examinations of cab horses, limiting their working time, inspections by the Poviat Veterinary Officer, limiting the size of cabs, close cooperation with cab drivers – these are just some of the actions taken by the city to ensure proper conditions for horses working on Krakow cabs” – reads Monday’s announcement Krakow City Hall.

Officials emphasize that, apart from working periods, every other day, cab horses rest in stables and on pastures. “These places are controlled by the District Veterinary Officer in Krakow and the City Hall. Employees of the City Hall also control animals during their actual work or stopover in the city center. small The market was liquidated due to the highest temperature there and the lowest cooling factor.

Horses – as the officials indicate in the communiqué – are harnessed to carriages every other day (14-15 days a month), and the total time of their work does not exceed 12 hours a day.

Horse-drawn carriages in KrakowTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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