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Cracow. Closing of Alma Delicatessen at ul. Pilots

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First there was KrakChemia, and then Delikatesy Alma, now famous throughout Poland. In their time, they were synonymous with luxury. But that's a thing of the past. The last store under this brand, but run by another company, was closed. The story ended where it began, in Krakow.

The roots of Alma Delicatessen date back to 1945 – then the District Chemical Industry Depot was established in Krakow, and a decade later it was transformed into the Provincial Chemical Industry Wholesaler in Krakow. In 1991, the company KrakChemia SA emerged, trading in chemical products.

In 1994, the company opened the first supermarket in Krakow – then called KrakChemia. Over time, the name of the store at ul. Pilotów was changed to the one known to this day – Alma Market.

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“I remember when Krakchemia, i.e. Alma, was established. A wonderful store. I remember the characteristic, nice smell that permeated the store. Back then, there was a section with clothes, accessories and other miscellaneous items, you could buy practically everything, in very good quality. We all went there , there were no other supermarkets yet (…) There was a garden with delicious cookies and ice cream from Michalik,” we read in the comments under the article about the closing of the iconic store on one of the local portals. The author of the entry points out that after the name change, the quality of the assortment deteriorated.

“Alma Left Behind”

Over the years, Alma Delicatessen has opened about 50 stores throughout Poland, and in the capital of Małopolska it has become a synonym of luxury – sometimes treated with ridicule. For example, the website “Overheard in Alma”, documenting customer behavior, was popular in social media.

The stores offered, among other things, a wide range of products choice cheese, meat and sweets, not much available on the market at that time. Thanks to this, Alma had a reputation as a luxurious and expensive temple.

The history of Alma Delicatessen is overJakub Porzycki/Forum

Leszek Mazgaj, a Tarnów businessman, became the head of the supervisory board, and his wife Barbara took the position of vice-chairman. General Marian Janicki (formerly head of the Government Protection Bureau) and Fr. became secretaries. Kazimierz Sowa.

Over time, however, competition appeared – much larger hypermarkets, which also had products that were previously difficult to obtain.

– When chains such as Biedronka and Lidl introduced higher-class products to their offer and focused on sending interesting sales messages to potential customers, Alma was left behind, trying to drift on the previously acquired brand recognition. Unfortunately, this procedure was not successful – said image creation specialist Marta Krupa in an interview with the website lovekrakow.pl, published in 2016.

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Sanation and liquidation

Information about the company's problems began to leak to the media in the summer of 2016. In September of that year, restructuring proceedings were initiated, and in November, Jerzy Mazgaj lost his position as president. At the beginning of 2017, Alma filed for liquidation bankruptcy. The District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście issued the decision to declare bankruptcy at the beginning of 2017.

The last store under the Alma banner – located at ul. Pilotów in Krakow – closed in 2024. However, it was run by a different company than the other branches of this chain.

“Our market will be closed at the end of April. We would like to thank everyone for the long years of cooperation. Thank you for being with us and showing your sympathy for us. The last day of shopping is April 27, Saturday,” it was written on the store's Facebook profile, which has already been updated. deleted or hidden.

“Gazeta Wyborcza” reports that after the closure of the store, almost 100 people lost their jobs.

Alma's story has finally come to an end.

tvn24.pl / lovekrakow.pl / Gazeta Wyborcza

Main photo source: Jakub Porzycki/Forum

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