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Cracow. Commencement of construction of a new footbridge between Kazimierz and Ludwinów

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The construction of a new pedestrian and bicycle footbridge on the Vistula River in Krakow will begin on Wednesday. The footbridge will be located halfway between the Dębnicki Bridge and the Piłsudskiego Bridge and will connect Podgórze and Ludwinów with Kazimierz. This means a temporary change in traffic organization in the investment area.

The new footbridge will be approximately 130 meters long and almost 14 meters wide. At its highest point it will be nearly 16 meters high. The footbridge will stretch between Inflancki Boulevard (around Skawińska and Wietora streets) and Wołyński boulevard at Ludwinowska street.

The investment will cost PLN 113.7 million and is to be ready at the beginning of 2026.

Change in traffic organization

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According to the Krakow city hall, in connection with the start of construction on Wednesday, January 3, from 9.00, there will be a temporary change in traffic organization in the investment area. The change will mainly affect pedestrian and cyclist traffic on the Ludwinów side.

According to the announcement, construction works related to the new crossing will begin with the reconstruction of the gas network on the side of the street. Ludwinowska. At the junction of Wołyński Boulevard and ul. Ludwinowska and in the area of ​​access to the integration kindergarten “Pod Kasztanami” there will be entry and exit from the construction site – stopping and parking will be prohibited on the access road.

This is what the new footbridge will look likeBiuro Projektów Lewicki Łatak Sp. z o. o. Sp.K. / krakow.pl

As part of this temporary organization, Wołyński Boulevard will be closed to pedestrian and bicycle traffic on the section from ul. Ludwinowska to the vicinity of the observation balloon located on the western side of the Forum hotel. Pedestrian and bicycle traffic will follow the signs, using Ludwinowska and Konopnicka streets. From the western side of the boulevard, there will be access to the hotel barges. This traffic organization will remain in force until further notice.

What will the footbridge look like?

The Kazimierz – Ludwinów pedestrian and bicycle footbridge is being implemented on the basis of an agreement between the Municipal Investment Board in Krakow and Primost Południe.

The new facility will consist of three interconnected structures, created by two steel arches with variable stiffness mounted in reinforced concrete supports (abutments) and a central viewing platform.

The city authorities ensure that the investment is being implemented primarily with the residents of Krakow in mind. Thanks to the crossing, they will gain convenient pedestrian and bicycle connections, bypassing the existing road bridges.

– The chance to revitalize the banks of the Vistula and repeat the success of the Father Laetus Bernatek footbridge completed in 2010 is also important. Equally important is the fact that after the implementation of this investment, the condition of municipal infrastructure on both sides of the Vistula will improve thanks to the reconstruction of underground networks, officials point out.

The task received government funding in the amount of PLN 65 million from the Government Fund Polish Order: Strategic Investment Program.

Main photo source: Biuro Projektów Lewicki Łatak Sp. z o. o. Sp.K. / krakow.pl

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