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Cracow. Director of the Słowacki Theater acquitted

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The Regional Adjudicating Commission acquitted the director of the Theater. Juliusz Słowacki in Krakow from charges of violating public finance discipline. Krzysztof Głuchowski argued that the initiation of the dismissal procedure was a consequence of the premiere of “Forefathers’ Eve” directed by Maja Kleczewska.

The theater announced the director’s acquittal in a statement published on Wednesday. The marshal’s office reported irregularities in the management of the city stage to the Regional Chamber of Audit in Krakow.

Audit in the theater

This concerns irregularities that were supposed to be revealed by the audit of the Audit and Control Office of the Marshal’s Office of the Małopolska Voivodeship conducted in the theater in 2021. According to the voivodeship management board, a violation of the provisions regarding the application of the Public Procurement Law was found. It was also indicated that Głuchowski withdrew from the implementation of the agreement on October 23, 2018 regarding the organizational and financial conditions of the theater’s activities and the institution’s operating program – this concerns the director’s obligations to take care of the good name of this institution during his term of office.

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A notice of violation of public finance discipline was sent to the Commissioner for Public Finance Discipline of the Regional Chamber of Audit in Krakow. Based on the identified irregularities, in February 2022, the office started a procedure aimed at dismissing Krzysztof Głuchowski from the position of director.

– The Regional Adjudicating Commission completely acquitted me of the Marshal’s Office’s accusation that I had allegedly broken public finance discipline. (…) This closes the case. The spokesman for the Financial Discipline announced that he will not appeal against this judgment, neither will I, therefore the case does not exist – commented Krzysztof Głuchowski in a conversation with journalists.

Penalty for “Forefathers’ Eve”

From the very beginning, the theater director refuted the allegations regarding irregularities in tenders and damaging the good name of the institution. – The accusation was that I vulgarized the stage, i.e. I did not allow Maria Peszek’s performance to be censored, which, according to the marshal, was a vulgarization of the stage. And I violated public finance discipline by saving PLN 80,000. PLN, I did not cause any layoffs in the theater and I conducted separate tenders during the pandemic to save the theater – said Głuchowski. As he informed, however, the procedure for dismissing him from the position of stage director is still ongoing.

The director perceived the decision of the voivodeship board to initiate the dismissal procedure as a consequence of the premiere of “Forefathers’ Eve” – ​​a play criticized by the then education superintendent of Małopolska, Barbara Nowak, and the former Minister of Education, Przemysław Czarnek.

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