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Cracow. Dozens of Blinkee electric scooters occupy space in the paid parking zone. Service to start soon

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About 40 electric scooters have been occupying public parking spaces on Ludwinowska Street in Krakow for about a month. Vehicles owned by a private company, which, like scooters, will be available for rent by the minute, cause trouble for drivers who want to leave their car in the heavily trafficked area of ​​the former Forum Hotel. However, the company does not pay for parking in the paid parking zone.

Although on Ludwinowska Street in Krakow, cars going in opposite directions pass each other by centimeters, and sometimes drivers have to stop to let a vehicle from the opposite direction pass on a narrow roadway, this is a very busy place. Regardless of the time of day, the street is an important link between Konopnicka Street and the old part of Podgórze. In addition, there are various companies in the area, a gym, a kindergarten, and – above all – the boulevards on the Vistula River and the former Forum Hotel, which houses bars, cafes and restaurants popular among young Cracovians.

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The demand for parking spaces in this area is very high, especially since there are few parking spaces. And those that are, have been largely occupied by electric scooters. Two-wheelers belong to a private company that offers rental by the minute during the season, similar to scooters.

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Electric scooters on Ludwinowska Street in Krakowtvn24.pl

Trouble for drivers

– No one uses them, they have been here for a long time, and there is a lot of traffic here, especially during rush hours. It’s hard to drive here, let alone park – says Anna, who works in the area.

Those who have private parking behind barriers have no problem. But a lot of people have a problem with that, and it shows. The company could find another place that would not bother anyone – adds another woman who works in one of the nearby offices.

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Mr. Sylwester, the supplier, also criticizes the behavior of the entrepreneur. – I do not like it. You see how congested it is here, what is the problem with parking lots, you have to park elsewhere, you have to walk far. As a supplier, I have a big problem with this. In the early morning it may not be that bad, but later it is, all day long. Something should be done about it – says our interlocutor, who arrived at Ludwinowska a moment earlier and was looking for a place to leave the car.

Electric scooters on Ludwinowska Street in Krakowtvn24.pl

Parking for free, the city spreads its hands

We asked Krakow officials whether the company pays for leaving scooters for such a long period in the paid parking zone. However, the matter is not simple. – Scooters can park for free in the paid parking zone, therefore we cannot charge for properly left two-wheelers. However, the zone inspectors informed us at the turn of May and June that vehicles take up a lot of space there. Some were outside the parking spaces, so we reported the matter Municipal Police – says Krzysztof Wojdowski from the Roads Authority of the City of Krakow.

Wojdowski, however, emphasizes that “the fact that scooters have the logo of a given company on them does not mean that they belong to it”. – They have several different owners. We try to reach them to discuss the situation and point out that common space should not be taken away in this way – adds Wojdowski.

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Electric scooters on Ludwinowska Street in Krakowtvn24.pl

What about the city police? The unit’s spokesman, Marek Anioł, reported that an investigation was initiated on May 29. – It consisted primarily in determining the operators of these vehicles. In the course of further investigation, it turned out that there are several of them. Therefore, letters were sent to each of them with the order to remove the scooters (…). On June 22, a man appeared in our branch in Podgórze. He stated that he was responsible for servicing the vehicles. He undertook to remove the scooters for a maximum of seven days – adds Angel.

However, a representative of the municipal guards points out that no fines have been issued so far. “Just because someone owns a scooter or is responsible for operating it, doesn’t mean they were driving it.” And he adds that the guards will take further steps if the scooters are not removed from Ludwinowska Street.

Electric scooters on Ludwinowska Street in Krakowtvn24.pl

The company starts with the rental

We asked Blinkee why scooters are not garaged in a private parking lot or in a warehouse and instead stand unused for a month on Ludwinowska Street. As the representative of the company, Jolanta Czyżewska, explains, they were placed there temporarily due to the planned launch of the service in Krakow, which is scheduled to start over the weekend.

“The decision on such location was made by our business partner who is responsible for the area of ​​Krakow” – we read in response to our questions.

A separate problem is the fact that a few days before the scooters are available for rent, some of them are visibly damaged – they do not have mirrors. “Before the service is made available, all scooters undergo a full MOT and are serviced to ensure they meet the highest standards of safety and functionality. As for damaged scooters, we ensure that they are repaired before the start of the rental. Our business partner is also in constant contact with the City Guard of the City of Krakow to ensure compliance with local regulations.

A representative of Blinkee assures that the company is open to “dialogue and cooperation with the Road Management of the City of Krakow and the City Guard of the City of Krakow regarding (…) activities. Our business partner is actively involved in maintaining contact with the relevant institutions and takes all necessary steps to in order to solve any existing problems” – says Jolanta Czyżewska.

Author:Bartholomew Plewnia

Main photo source: tvn24.pl

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