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Cracow. Evacuation of a block of flats in Nowa Huta. Hazardous materials in one of the apartments

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About a hundred inhabitants of an 11-story block of flats were evacuated on Wednesday evening in the Piastów estate in Nowa Huta in Kraków. Police officers discovered significant amounts of dangerous relics from World War II in one of the apartments.

According to Katarzyna Cisło from the press team of the Małopolska police, the officers ended up in the apartment because its tenant came to the hospital with quite serious wounds evidently caused by the explosion.


Evacuation of the block in Krakow

According to an account by a policewoman, in an apartment located in an 11-story block of flats, dangerous remains from World War II were found in significant quantities. Police pyrotechnics decided that these materials were so dangerous that the entire block had to be evacuated.

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About a hundred inhabitants were placed in heated MPK buses during the evacuation. According to Cisło, police sappers are going there to decide what to do with the dangerous find.

Main photo source: TVN24

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