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Cracow. Fatal car accident near the Dębnicki bridge. Searching for a witness

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Their car was speeding along Aleje Trzech Bards in Krakow, and just before the renovated Dębnicki bridge, it ran off the road, went down the stairs leading to the boulevard on the Vistula River and overturned. The driver and three passengers died on the spot. The prosecutor’s office is looking for witnesses to the accident, including a pedestrian, who was recorded by surveillance cameras seconds before the tragedy.

Down fatal accident on Zwierzyniecka Street in Krakow took place on the night from Friday to Saturday. Four men from the Wieliczka poviat, aged 20 to 24, died. The prosecutor’s office is conducting an investigation into this case, looking for witnesses to the incident, among others.

– The police are looking for witnesses, including the one who first entered the vehicle’s track and then withdrew – confirmed prosecutor Leszek Brzegowy from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow. Pedestrian is visible on footage from a city surveillance camera, which was published in social media by the Krakow City Hall. The video shows a man standing on a green belt, trying to cross Zygmunt Krasiński Avenue in an unauthorized place. He backs up as a car drives past him, then goes off the road and overturns.

The police are looking for a witness to the accidentKrakow City Hall

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Krasińskiego Avenue in front of the bridge has been narrowed to one laneTVN24

Accident on Zwierzyniecka

The car was driving at high speed through Aleje Trzech Prods in the direction of Dębnicki Bridge. The crossing is currently being renovated, which is why Krasiński Avenue towards the bridge is narrowed to one lane, and the speed limit on the section in front of the bridge is 40 kilometers per hour.

There is a speed limit of 40 km/h before the bridgeTVN24

The yellow Renault in which the four men were traveling was traveling much faster. For now, it is not known to what extent – this will be determined by an expert appointed by the prosecutor’s office. It is also being determined whether the driver was under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants. – The Department of Forensic Medicine was ordered to test for the presence of drugs, alcohol and other narcotic substances. Such a toxicological examination takes several weeks, said prosecutor Brzegowy.

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The intersection of Zwierzyniecka Street with Aleja Krasińskiego – view from Krasiński StreetTVN24

The intersection of Zwierzyniecka Street and Aleja Krasińskiego – view from the Dębnicki bridgeTVN24

According to the police, the car entered the intersection just before the bridge and hit a traffic light pole, hit the posts set by road workers near the repair works on the bridge. The video from the monitoring shows how the car enters the pavement through the pedestrian crossing, and then onto the stairs leading to the Czerwieński Boulevard on the Vistula River. There he overturned and hit the wall on the first flight of stairs.

– The vehicle hit the wall with its roof, which crushed the passenger space – described junior insp. Sebastian Gleń from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Krakow

An accident in Krakowtvn24

The driver and passengers died on the spot. Firefighters had to use hydraulic tools to free them from the crushed vehicle. The younger captain Hubert Ciepły, spokesman for the Provincial Commander of the State Fire Service in Krakow, said that at the climax of the action, six rescue and firefighting vehicles and over 20 firefighters were involved.

The stairs from which the car fellTVN24

The car crossed the pedestrian crossing onto the sidewalkTVN24

Led by Patrick P.

The prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into the accident. “On July 15, 2023, the Prosecutor of the Kraków-Krowodrza District Prosecutor’s Office in Kraków issued a decision to initiate an investigation into the intentional violation of safety rules in land traffic and unintentional causing of an accident on July 15, 2023 in Kraków by the driver of a Renault vehicle, i.e. Patryk P.” the police statement said.

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“Referring to media reports that the driver was another person, we would like to inform you that all findings indicate that it was Patryk P. who drove the indicated car. In particular, this is indicated by identification activities at the scene, photographic material and recording from street monitoring, on where you can see Patryk P. getting behind the wheel of his car just before the accident “- added.

Renovation is underway on the Dębnicki BridgeTVN24

The intersection through which the Renault drove. View from Zwierzyniecka StreetTVN24

Illegal racing

Jerzy Korczyński, a TVN24 reporter, reached out to people who knew the 24-year-old Renault driver.

– I learned unofficially that the car in which the four men died had 400 horsepower under the hood. The owner of the vehicle and at the same time its driver at the time of the tragedy was to be a frequent participant in informal races, the reporter established.

During the races, our journalist found out that a roll cage was installed in the car. – But at the time of the accident, it was removed so that there was room for passengers on the back seat of the car – Korczyński added.

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Candles by the bridge

On Saturday evening, on the wall next to the stairs, where a dozen or so hours earlier there was a broken car on the roof, Dozens of candles were lit. Some of them sat in silence, others talked, reminisced. Some came for a moment to light a candle or leave flowers, others were sitting on the steps and nearby benches, several circles were formed. From time to time, people – mostly tourists – appeared and asked what had happened.

Candles left where the car hit the wallTVN24

– I knew them all – said one of the men who lit one of the candles at the Dębnicki bridge a moment earlier. We ask more people about those who died tragically. “They were our friends,” we hear. – It’s too early to talk about it. This is not the time for that, admits one of the women we asked. – We didn’t know them, but we brought one candle to somehow commemorate them – say people from another group gathered by the bridge.

Main photo source: TVN24

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