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Cracow. Four people died in an accident near the Dębnicki bridge. The driver was drunk

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The prosecutor’s office informed that the driver of the yellow Renault that crashed near the Dębnicki bridge in Kraków was under the influence of alcohol. The examination showed 2.3 per mille in the blood and 2.6 per mille in the urine. He and three of his passengers died in the accident.

Information about the test results of the driver was provided by prosecutor Leszek Brzegowy from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow. As he reported, two Renault passengers were also intoxicated.

As the prosecutor clarified, the driver of the car had 2.6 per mille of alcohol in his urine and 2.3 per mille in his blood. One of the passengers had 1.3 per mille in blood and 1.6 per mille in urine. The second passenger – 1.4 in the blood and 1.2 in the urine. The third passenger was sober.

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Roofing a passenger car in KrakowKW PSP in Krakow

When asked about the speed at which the car was traveling, the prosecutor replied that it would be given after analyzing the evidence and experts’ opinions.

An autopsy showed that the cause of death of four men, aged 20-24, were multiple injuries to the body, head and spine.

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The intersection through which the Renault drove. View from Zwierzyniecka StreetTVN24

Accident near the Dębnicki bridge

Down fatal accident happened on the night between Friday and Saturday.

Preliminary findings show that the driver of the Renault Megane driving al. Krasińskiego in the direction of the Dębnicki bridge, he lost control of the vehicle, drove through the intersection in front of the bridge, turning left, hit a traffic light pole and a street lamp, and then rolled down the stairs to Czerwieński boulevard, where it hit a concrete wall.

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According to investigators, the car was driven by Patrick P.

District Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow is investigating on intentional violation of safety rules in land traffic and unintentional causing of an accident by a vehicle driver.

Main photo source: TVN24

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