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Cracow. From a dozen to several dozen speed cameras are to appear in the city. The city goes to war with road pirates

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By the end of the year, from a dozen to even several dozen new speed cameras are to appear in Krakow. Talks on the creation of a system that is to prevent driving around the city with impunity at dizzying speeds are conducted by the city office, the police, the Road Transport Inspectorate and the prosecutor’s office. – There are dozens of speed cameras in Warsaw, only three in Poland. This is the scale of the problem – says Andrzej Kulig, deputy mayor of Krakow.

The problem of drivers who confuse the streets with the racetrack has returned after a horrific accident, which took place in mid-July near the Dębnicki bridge. A speeding, sports car in which four men were riding ran off the road and stopped on a wall near the Vistula River. All occupants of the vehicle – including the drunk driver – were killed. However, as Andrzej Kulig, vice-president of Krakow, says, the problem of cars speeding along the streets at dizzying speeds is nothing new.

– We have a lot of wide and empty arteries in the city at night. Residents know that about 23 many drivers appear on the roads to use the power of their engines – says the deputy mayor of Krakow.

Fatal accident in Krakow. Surveillance videoKrakow City Hall

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He also points out that there are 1,500 kilometers of municipal roads in the city. In addition, there are roads managed by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. – Police forces are not enough to control the city. Therefore, we must act on many levels to support the officers and deal with the problem – says Andrzej Kulig.

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He adds that it must be done as soon as possible, because human lives are at stake.

– It’s not just about those who sit behind the wheel, because they are in charge of their own lives. We must not allow bystanders to die. I would like to remind you that three passengers of the driver who caused the accident died on the Dębnicki bridge – says the vice-president.

Building the system

What will these actions look like? Last week, representatives of the city authorities met with the police, district prosecutor, road transport inspector and representatives of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. There will be more this week.

– Each of the services has its own competences that are responsible for road safety. The meetings are to help create places where speed cameras will appear, but also engineering devices that force slow driving, such as speed bumps, enumerates Andrzej Kulig.

A tragic accident in the center of Krakow.  Four people are dead

A tragic accident in the center of Krakow. Four people are dead

The vice-president of Krakow informs that the city and GDDKiA can provide a road lane, and the city can provide power for speed cameras.

– To understand the scale of the problem: there are several dozen speed cameras in Warsaw, only three in Krakow – says the TVN24 interlocutor.

From a dozen to several dozen new devices

Mobile speed cameras are also to be part of the system aimed at road pirates. – We have to keep up with the specificity of the phenomenon we are dealing with. Participants in illegal races often move to different places, transferring the meeting point at the last moment. We must be able to react – says the vice-president of Krakow.

He adds that the city camera system is also to be involved in tracking drivers. When will the solutions be ready? Vice President Kulig says he would like everything to be ready by the end of the year.

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Dariusz Nowak, spokesman for the municipality, when asked about the costs of the project, replies that it is too early to tell. He stressed, however, that the matter concerns the safety of residents and should not be spared.

A matter of education

The vice-president of Krakow admits that the system created with the services is repressive – it is supposed to force drivers to drive slower. He points out, however, that the fight against road pirates cannot be reduced only to bans, orders and penalties.

– I believe that the key task lies ahead of secondary schools attended by young people, where the idea of ​​obtaining a driving license matures. I am for radical educational methods. You have to show what recklessness behind the wheel leads to. This can’t be explained by photos of the scarred car body – says Kulig.

“This cry stays in my head for the rest of my life.” Watch on TVN24 GO >>>

He emphasizes that he does not mean to show the corpses of accident victims. – It would be enough to show how people who have lost loved ones in an accident react. I have had several such encounters during my legal career. Each of them will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Main photo source: TVN24

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