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Cracow. Frost action in a shelter for homeless animals, dozens of dog adoptions after Łukasz Litewka’s appeal

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More than 100 animals were placed in temporary and permanent homes after an appeal from a Krakow shelter for adoption before the hard frosts arrived. “Even if the adoption is to last through the hardest frosts, knowing that they were best cared for during this difficult time brings tears to our eyes,” we read in the shelter’s announcement.

On Friday (January 5) in the morning, employees of a shelter for homeless animals in Krakow asked for “urgent help” in connection with the upcoming winter attack. According to forecasts, the temperature may drop at the beginning of the week in places – in the east and south of Poland – down to -22 degrees Celsius.

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Due to the freezing cold, shelter employees are concerned about the fate of the dogs under the care of the facility. “Due to the fact that some of our animals live in pens, we need to urgently make room for them in a closed pavilion. We are asking for your urgent help. If you could take care of our dogs, at least during the frost, we would be very grateful!” – it was noted in the announcement regarding the so-called “action frost”.

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There were over 300 dogs in the shelter at Rybna Street on Friday morning.

A queue of people willing to help dogs

Over the next few hours, the shelter’s appeal was shared by local activists and politicians, including the vice-president of Krakow Andrzej Kulig and the leader of the opposition club of councilors Kraków for Residents, Łukasz Gibała. KO MP Aleksander Miszalski also asked for help for animals in his media.

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However, the entry of Łukasz Litewka – the newly elected Left MP from Sosnowiec – caused a sensation. “These will be very difficult nights, will there be good hearts here who will visit the shelter and put the dog at home for the night, take them to grandma’s for the night, or maybe they have a sleepover at work and their boss loves dogs?” – wrote the politician on social media.

On Saturday evening, less than 10,000 users reacted to Litewka’s post, and 18,000 retweeted it. The politician’s entries from Saturday were even more popular, when he reported almost live on the situation in a shelter in Krakow, where there was a long queue of people willing to adopt either temporarily or permanently. One of the recordings published by the MP shows a dozen or so cars parked right next to the shelter. The popularity of the campaign is illustrated by the photo of Krakow for Residents.

Animal rights activists have their hands full during low temperatures. A fragment of Paweł Laskosz’s materialTVN24

“They went to fines and came back with a dog”

Krakow’s city guards also joined in to help, although unplanned. According to Litewka, a uniformed patrol appeared at the shelter on Saturday to punish drivers who parked illegally. There are not many parking spaces near the building. The Left MP boasts that after reporting from the shelter, he called commander of the city guard and asked for intervention. According to the politician, the commandant promised that “there will be no mandates.”

But that’s not all. In the evening, the guards announced that they had temporarily adopted the dog Mombaja during the shelter operation.

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“He will be staying at our headquarters for the next few days, and the guard on duty will be taking care of him 24 hours a day, making sure that Mombaj feels comfortable and safe. We have our first night together. There will be stroking and hugs!” – we read in the city guard’s announcement.

KTOZ: this day was really special

The Krakow Animal Welfare Society (KTOZ) announced in a statement issued late Saturday evening that over 100 animals had been placed in temporary and permanent homes since Friday. On Saturday alone, the shelter put 78 dogs up for adoption.

“We would like to thank everyone who made this day truly special (…). The action, which we started planning late on Thursday evening, had an amazing effect. So much so that it will be safely released tomorrow (Sunday – ed.) “There are only a dozen or so puppies left!!!” – KTOZ employees informed.

In its announcement, the shelter thanked MP Litewka for his support in promoting the campaign, as well as people interested in adopting dogs before the heavy frosts arrive. “The word THANK YOU is not enough. You changed the fate of our animals. Even if the adoption has to last through the hardest frosts, knowing that they were taken care of in the best way during this difficult time brings tears to our eyes,” emphasized the shelter employees.

How to take care of your dog during frost?

When temperatures outside drop to very low values, it is better not to take your dog for too long walks. This applies in particular to animals with short hair, which should also be dressed in special dog clothes. Some people also use socks made for dogs. Salt sprinkled on sidewalks can also be problematic – walking on it causes pain for dogs.

– Let’s remember not to leave animals in the car when we go shopping. In winter, the temperature in cars drops very rapidly and this can result in great harm to them. The biggest problem are the animals that live in the yard. During severe frosts, make sure to provide them with protection against wind, frost and precipitation. During this time, you can take them to the garage or to some outbuildings if you are unable to take them home, veterinarian Paweł Nieradko told TVN24.

According to the specialist, it is very important to provide dogs with high-calorie food. They also need to be provided with constant access to water, which freezes when exposed to the outdoors.

However, there are also owners who do not care about the well-being of their dogs or do not care enough. Animal rights activists have their hands full during low temperatures.

– These are most often interventions against “chained” dogs, which are not only chained but also have uninsulated kennels. Often they don’t even have a kennel, only barrels or some boxes, said Natalia Bradtke from the Polish Society for the Protection of Animals “Animals”.

Main photo source: Krakow for Residents

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