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Cracow. Icicles above the tram stop

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Icicles formed on the mesh protecting the sidewalk from the plaster falling off the building. And now they pose a threat to pedestrians. In addition, the dangerous infiltration was located directly above the tram terminal without a shelter. – I guess it’s to make the trams less crowded – joke residents. But they look at icicles with concern.

Icicles appeared at the end of last week above the Stradom tram stop towards Podgórze. It is also the only tram stop at the intersection of Dietla, Krakowska and Stradomska streets that does not have a shelter. It is located next to the historic tenement house of Moses Ohrenstein, dating back to 1913. The author of the project was Jan Zawiejski, known, among others, for the design of the Theater. Juliusz Słowacki in Krakow. At the time of its construction, the tenement house was the largest rental building in Krakow, but now it is in poor condition. Therefore, for a long time, a net about one and a half meters wide has been stretched on the first floor to protect the heads of passers-by and passengers from plaster falling off the building wall.

“The wind will blow and disaster is ready”

In the winter season, however, the net poses an additional threat. The snow flowing down it has created a forest of icicles that can break off at any time – especially during a thaw – and fall on someone’s head. This is a popular route connecting Kazimierz with the Old Town. A few hundred meters away there are, among others, Planty, Wawel and Grodzka Street. The stop itself is also popular, because trams to Borek Fałęcki, Kurdwanów, Nowy Bieżanów, Czerwone Maki and Mały Płaszów leave from there, and the building houses, among others, a second hand shop, a bakery and a confectionery shop. So there is always someone walking or standing under the icicles.

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Icicles above the Stradom stopAnna Winiarska / TVN24

– It’s dangerous. What if it falls on someone’s head, God forbid, a child? – worries an elderly man getting off tram no. 13. The woman accompanying him nods and adds: – I guess you have to hug the wall or something. I would be afraid to stand under something like that, because the wind will blow and disaster will come.

Passing Krakow residents and tourists take photos of the phenomenon. Some people approach the situation with humor. – During rush hours, it is sometimes difficult to get on the tram because they have cut the routes. Well, maybe it’s to make the crowd a little smaller, fewer passengers – jokes a woman walking a dog on a leash. She is just waiting for the tram – hoping that she will be able to get on it without any problems during the weekend.

– I heard something that Krakow saves on Christmas decorations. Well, maybe not this way! – another passenger laughs. Indeed, icicles look phenomenal when the light falls on them.

In our conversations with passengers and passers-by, one question comes back: who is responsible for removing dangerous icicles?

Icicles above the Stradom stopAnna Winiarska / TVN24

There was no contact with the manager

The property owner is obliged to clear snow from the sidewalk in front of his property (this is stipulated in the Act of September 13, 1996 on maintaining cleanliness and order in municipalities) and to remove the hazard above the ground. This, in turn, is regulated by the Construction Law, which in Art. 61 states that “the owner or manager of a building is obliged (…) to ensure, while exercising due diligence, the safe use of the facility in the event of external factors affecting the facility, related to human activity or forces of nature.”

Art. 61. The owner or manager of a building facility is obliged to: 1) maintain and use the facility in accordance with the principles referred to in Art. 5 section 2; 2) ensure, while exercising due diligence, the safe use of the facility in the event of external factors affecting the facility, related to human activity or forces of nature, such as: lightning discharges, seismic shocks, strong winds, intense precipitation, landslides, ice phenomena on rivers and seas as well as lakes and water reservoirs, fires or floods resulting in damage to a building or a direct threat of such damage, which may pose a threat to human life or health, property safety or the environment

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It turns out that it is Krakow Municipal Police She received a report about icicles above the bus stop on Saturday. However, it was not possible to contact the manager of the building at ul. Stradomska.

Icicles above the Stradom stopAnna Winiarska / TVN24

– On Saturday, we received the first signals that icicles were hanging at the corner of Stradomska and Dietla. Unfortunately, on Saturday and Sunday, none of the tenement house managers answered the phone. We called both Saturday and Sunday. However, this morning the guards called the manager, but not about the icicles, because they had been removed, said Marek Głos, spokesman for the Krakow City Guard.

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The icicles have been removed – but not everywhere

It is not known whether the ice was removed by the building manager or someone did it privately, out of fear for the life and health of passers-by. On Sunday around 2 p.m. the icicles were still hanging. The part of the sidewalk over which they were located was only separated with red and white tape.

– On Sunday, the guards put on new tapes because they were torn – adds Angel. He adds that the guards ordered the manager to remove the remaining snow.

However, Stradom is not the only place where icicles threaten passers-by – they decorate, among others, tenement houses on Corpus Christi Street, also on the section between Józefa and Meiselsa. The sidewalk here is so narrow that passersby are forced to walk directly against the building’s wall. Some people choose to cross the road, which is also not the safest practice. A net with icicles, similar to the one at the Stradom stop, was also noticed over the Miodowa stop and on Krakowska Street near Plac Wolnica.

Main photo source: Anna Winiarska / TVN24

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