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Cracow. Lesser Poland. Illegal car racing. Last weekend, fines for over PLN 16,000 were issued

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34 tickets for over PLN 16,000 were issued last weekend by police officers from Krakow in connection with an attempt to organize illegal car races. According to the police, since the beginning of the year only in Lesser Poland, 36 such rallies have been inspected and over 760 offenses have been revealed.

The police action was carried out on the night of 14/15 July in Krakow. In the capital of Lesser Poland – according to the police – no illegal races took place. However, such attempts have already been made in smaller towns near Kraków.

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34 fines for the amount of PLN 16,000

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The police action was carried out in Niepołomice and Targowisko, where illegal car races were attempted. – People and vehicles gathering in these places were checked. A total of 46 inspections were carried out, which resulted in 34 fines for the total amount of PLN 16,200. Three registration documents were seized. 15 police patrols took part in the activities – lists the spokesman for the Małopolska police, junior insp. Sebastian Glen.

Action of the Lesser Poland PoliceLesser Poland police

Action of the Lesser Poland Police

Recurring activities. Dozens of people fined

Police officers remind that similar actions were carried out in Krakow on previous weekends and then several dozen people were punished.

“On June 9, during the action, the Krakow police officers imposed 43 fines on the drivers, for a total amount of PLN 24,000. On June 30, during the action, the Krakow police officers carried out 100 vehicle inspections, during which they imposed 70 fines on the drivers” – we read on the website Lesser Poland police. In total – as the police inform us – in the first half of this year, the police inspected 36 motoring fan rallies in Małopolska, which could have turned into illegal races. 762 offenses were disclosed, including 368 speeding violations. The perpetrators were punished with high fines or requests for punishment were sent to the court, and 12 driving licenses were confiscated.

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A thousand cars at an illegal rally near Poznań

It turns out that the problem of drivers who organize illegal rallies is not limited to Krakow. At the end of May, an illegal night rally of automotive fans took place in the bailiffs near Poznań. Thousands of cars took part in it. The police arrested nine people who organized the party. As the police reported on July 12, several thousand people took part in the rally. There were about 1,000 cars in the supermarket parking lot where the nightly event was taking place. According to uniformed officers, such a large event was not held there for the first time – also in recent years, officers intervened in the same place.

Illegal rally of automotive fans in Komorniki near PoznańGreater Poland Police

– The analysis of previous, similar events shows that there is a certain group of people who, in an organized, but also conscious way, circumvent the law by organizing this type of mass events (…). During these events, the organizers allowed such behavior that directly threatened the safety of these participants. These included street races. They also allowed some drivers to practice so-called drifting – explains junior inspector Andrzej Borowiak, press officer of the Wielkopolska police in an interview with TVN24.

Illegal rally of automotive fans in Komorniki near PoznańGreater Poland Police

Bailiffs. Over 200 tickets at the rally

During the police operation in Komorniki and in some locations in Poznań, the police inspected 247 vehicles at the end of May. As the Poznań police informed then, the uniformed officers seized 140 registration cards and two driving licenses. They also imposed 211 fines, “mainly for the technical condition of the cars, which was inconsistent with the law”. Organizing a mass event without permission is punishable by up to eight years in prison.

Main photo source: Lesser Poland police

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