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Cracow. Łukasz Gibała showed Krakow’s candidates for residents. Razem activists and activists are running for the city council

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Former councilors of Nowoczesna, politicians from Lewica Razem and activists – these are the candidates of Krakow for Residents to the city council. The party’s leader, Łukasz Gibała, who is running for the mayor of Krakow, presented the most important names in all seven districts. And he announced “airing” of the city council.

Łukasz Gibała, leader of the Krakow for Residents (KdM) group and candidate for the mayor of Krakow, presented the key names on the lists to the city council on Monday. The 21 candidates filling the most important seats in seven districts included current KdM councilors, but also former Nowoczesna councilors, politicians from Lewica Razem and activists from the Coalition of Krakow Movements.

Gibała in the previous ones elections local government, he introduced three representatives to the city council, including himself. This time he has a chance for more, because polls they give him first place in the fight for the mayor of the city. The incumbent mayor of Krakow, Jacek Majchrowski, is not fighting for re-election for the first time since the beginning of his rule in 2002.

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Krakow for Residents. Candidates for the city council

According to the non-party candidate Łukasz Gibała, the candidates for councilors from KWW Łukasz Gibała – Krakow for Residents are people of different ages, with different professions and interests, but they all have in common the desire to solve residents’ problems and the belief that Krakow needs change.

The lists for the city council included, among others, activists of the Krakow for Residents association, including current councilors Łukasz Gibała, Łukasz Maślona (both of whom received first positions in their districts) and Jan Pietras. However, the latter dropped to third place on the list.

Also running from KdM are the current councilors of Nowoczesna, who recently separated from their party and joined Gibała’s team: long-time Krakow councilor Małgorzata Jantos and Michał Starobrat.

Gibała’s list also included four female politicians from Lewica Razem: Emilia Drobot, Aleksandra Owca, Aleksandra Lewicka and Zuzanna Piekarz. Owca was the only one from this group to become the leader of the list in her district – which is not surprising, because in the parliamentary elections, starting from fifth place on the New Left list, she achieved the third best result and came close to winning a parliamentary seat. Gibała himself is running for president of Krakow with the support of Raz MP Daria Gosek-Popiołek, and the presence of women from Raz on the lists is the result of this support. Gosek-Popiołek’s decision to support Gibała caused considerable political emotions in Krakow.

New Left however, he is going to the elections with the Civic Coalition, supporting Aleksander Miszalski for president of Krakow.

Gosek-Popiołek supported Łukasz Gibała. “It will give us a chance for a new beginning”TVN24

Representatives of the Coalition of Krakow Movements “Together for the City” will also be on the lists of Krakow for Residents to the city council. It brings together about 20 urban movements whose goal is to improve living conditions in the city, among other things, by protecting green areas. This coalition has four representatives in the most important “troikas” of Krakow for Residents: the already mentioned Łukasz Maślona, ​​as well as Tomasz Pytko, Anna Bereżnicka-Płońska and Rafał Zawiślak. The Coalition of Krakow Movements included its demands in “21 Urban Theses”, presented in June 2023 – these include the protection of greenery, limiting car traffic and the development of public transport. In a written declaration, Gibała pledged to implement the demands of the urban movements gathered in this coalition.

In the December elections to district councils, KRK fielded 50 candidates, half of whom won seats.

As councilor Łukasz Maślona informed, Krakow for Residents will soon present all the candidates of this group. “We are fighting for each of the 7 districts to have at least two councilors,” he wrote. If this goal was fulfilled, KdM would have 14 councilors in the 43-person council.

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Łukasz Gibała wants to “ventilate” the city council

– We want to open all the windows in the city council and ventilate it deeply. Because we believe that the city council needs some airing and change. Kraków also needs changes. This is evident from all the polls. Residents believe that it is high time for a change, said Łukasz Gibała on Monday.

– Krakow is facing historic local elections and a historic opportunity, because for the first time in over 20 years there is a real chance for real change – he added.

In an interview with tvn24.pl, Gibała announced, among other things, the replacement of the most important officials of the Krakow city hall. He also announced that a year after a possible victory in the local elections, he would organize a referendum, and at least two such votes would be held during the entire term. They could include, for example, a clean transport zone and the construction of a high-rise district.

Gibała unsuccessfully ran for the mayor of Krakow in 2014 and 2018, when he gained 11 and 17 percent of support, respectively. His party received almost 15 percent of the votes in the city in the last elections, introducing three councilors to the city council. The Krakow Leader for Residents has a PhD in humanities in philosophy.

Candidates for the president of Krakow

Nine candidates will fight for the office of mayor of Krakow in the April local elections. Apart from Gibała, these are: Konrad Berkowicz (Confederation), Łukasz Kmita (PIS), Rafał Komarewicz (Poland 2050-TD), Aleksander Miszalski (KO) – joint candidate of the Civic Coalition and the New Left, whose members belong to the Left Club.

The non-partisan candidates include: singer Marcin Bzyk-Bąk, Andrzej Kulig with the support of the current city mayor Jacek Majchrowski, rector of the University of Economics Stanisław Mazur and conservative activist Adam Hareńczyk from KWW Zjednoczenia dla Krakowie.

Main photo source: Krakow for Residents

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