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Cracow. Marcin “Bzyk” Bąk resigned from the elections

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Marcin “Bzyk” Bąk, who previously announced that he would fight for the mayor of Krakow, announced that he was resigning from participating in the elections. The Wu-Hae singer did not express his support to any of the other candidates and wished that “the best one would win.”

Bąk’s resignation means that there are eight candidates left in the presidential race. The current incumbent, Jacek Majchrowski, who announced that he does not intend to run for the position again is not among them.

– After long considerations and consultations with my team, I have decided to resign from running for the position of mayor of Krakow in the coming years. elections – wrote Marcin “Bzyk” Bąk in a statement. – I wish all candidates that the debate will be substantive and that their attitude will be respectful. Let the best candidate win, always with the good of Krakow in mind, emphasized the musician.

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The artist and a group of residents supporting him registered in NEC its committee called KWW Kraków Pany. However, it was not possible to complete the list of candidates for councilors – some people ultimately decided not to run, including: because of personal reasons.

He will run in the next elections

The singer announced that he will run for the office of mayor in the next elections. He also expressed hope for the possibility of cooperation with the future mayor of Krakow in implementing his demands – including: for improving public transport, actions to improve air quality, building a cemetery for animals and a rehabilitation and treatment center for wild animals.

Explaining his resignation from participating in the elections, Bąk also explained that he aimed to create a list of candidates “who would be new faces in urban politics, but above all, would have the competences necessary to represent the interests of all residents of Krakow.”

He added that he is enthusiastic about the positive aspects of the campaign so far. – We have attracted a group of people with great commitment, ready to devote their time and energy to improve the future of our city – he wrote and noted that on this basis he wants to run for the office of president in the next elections city ​​and for strong representation on the Krakow City Council.

Candidates for the president of Krakow

Jacek Majchrowski, who has been in office since 2002, will not run for re-election.

The following MPs remain candidates in the fight for the position of mayor of the city: Konrad Berkowicz (Confederation), Łukasz Kmita (PIS), Rafał Komarewicz (Poland 2050-TD), Aleksander Miszalski (PO; joint candidate of the Civic Coalition and the New Left).

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Councilor Łukasz Gibała, who declared non-partisanship, was supported by Razem party MP Daria Gosek-Popiołek. The independent candidate, the current vice-president of the city, Andrzej Kulig, was supported PSL.

Conservative activist Adam Hareńczyk and political scientist, rector of the University of Economics, Stanisław Mazur, also announced their candidacy as non-partisans.

Main photo source: MAREK LASYK/REPORTER/EastNews

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