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Cracow. Marian Turski awarded the medal “For Civic Wisdom”

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The monthly “Kraków i Świat” awarded Marian Turski, a Holocaust survivor, with the medal “For Civic Wisdom”. It is given to eminent personalities who are authorities and shape models of behavior for future generations.

The award was handed over to the laureate on Friday by the Mayor of Krakow, Jacek Majchrowski, during a special ceremony held in the Council Hall of the City of Krakow.

– Marian Turski devoted his life to teaching dialogue and respect. He is on guard so that Auschwitz does not return. He opposes lies, stigmatizes acts of discrimination and persecution. It reacts when the authorities violate social agreements that threaten others with loss of dignity. Marian Turski, you could say, came back from hell with a mission: he makes sure that the next generations never end up there, said Mayor Jacek Majchrowski in the Krakow magistrate.

Marian Turski in the Krakow magistrateTVN24

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“I would like to give another example”

The award is granted by the local monthly “Kraków i Świat”. Its representatives – Witold Bereś and Krzysztof Burnetko – pointed out in the laudation that when commenting on contemporary evil, Marian Turski refers to the mechanisms revealed during the Holocaust. – You argue that it is still necessary to draw conclusions from the Holocaust. You keep saying that history can be a teacher of life. You soberly add that only for the few, but it happens. This gives us all hope.

As Marian Turski admitted during his speech, when asked whether people can draw conclusions from the past, “usually the instinctive answer is rather skeptical.” – I would like to give another example – he said, mentioning, among other things, opposition from the president USA against aggression Russia towards Ukraine, the idea of ​​the European Union and the pacifist attitude of German society.

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– After the Russian aggression on Ukraine we complained, and we had our reasons, for the attitude German. But it also resulted from this, and above all, from the fact that in Germany there was some change of consciousness that for many decades they had become a pacifist society. So, in a way, what we dreamed about happened, he said. – There is also some hope for me in this, that if a change of consciousness can be made in a society like the German one in a few decades, then it is possible in Poland, so something that we dream about is possible – he added.

Medal “For Civic Wisdom”

“Kraków i Świat” is a continuation of the socio-cultural monthly “Kraków”, which has been published since November 2004. The “For Civic Wisdom” award was established in 2006. The award is of an honorary nature, and its material expression is the “For Civic Wisdom” medal, designed by the visual artist Janusz Trzebiatowski. The medal is awarded to outstanding personalities from all over the country: artists, social activists, diplomats, politicians – people who are authorities and shape models of conduct for future generations. The decoration is a symbol of modern patriotism.

Main photo source: TVN24

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