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Cracow. MPK has renovated the historic Warsaw M20 city taxi

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It transported residents 70 years ago, and after a general renovation it looks like new. The Warsaw M20 city taxi has been restored and will travel around the city on the occasion of events organized by Krakow's MPK. The city carrier offered taxi services until 1990.

MPK in Krakow carried out a general renovation – inside and out – of the historic Warszawa M20 taxi. The vehicle has been serving residents since 1956, when the city carrier started providing taxi services. City taxis operated in the city until 1990.

Renovated Warsaw M20MPK SA in Krakow

The MPK fleet included 25 Warszawa M20 cars. They did not immediately start transporting passengers, because the vehicles lacked taximeters, and the city did not immediately employ drivers.

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Warsaw M20 in the MPK fleet in Krakow

The first thirteen city taxis hit the streets of Krakow on May 15, 1956 – a few months after they arrived at Krakow depots. – From the very beginning, they stood out due to their novelty and appearance, especially compared to old, often neglected other taxis belonging to numerous cooperatives – noted MPK spokesman Marek Gancarczyk on Thursday.

The restored car was presented on Thursday in a period setting, on Aleja Róż in the center of Nowa Huta. According to MPK, the renovation of the taxi was carried out with attention to detail by employees of the Płaszów Bus Service Station, in cooperation with employees of the MPK Service and Renovation Station. Warsaw M20 looks like new. – It will be shown to residents during various events organized by MPK. The next such occasion will most likely be Children's Day, the carrier's spokesman told us.

The history of Krakow taxis

City taxis operated by MPK in Krakow – recalled Gancarczyk – operated until 1990. Their number ranged from 60 to 100 pieces depending on the period. In addition to the Warsaw M20 cars, Wołga M21, Fiat 125, FSO 1500, Polonez 1500, Wołga Gaz 24 and Dacia 1300 cars were also used.

The Krakow carrier already has a historic taxi in its collection – an FSO 125p car from 1985. – MPK therefore has in its collection a preserved vehicle from the first and last series of taxis that transported passengers on Krakow's public transport – said Gancarczyk.

Main photo source: PAP/Art Service

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