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Cracow. No New Year’s Eve party on the Main Square

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Krakow will once again not welcome the New Year with a grand party on the Main Square. As the city’s vice president explains, there are several reasons – not only financial ones. Officials invite residents and tourists to smaller events in various locations in Krakow.

Andrzej Kulig, vice-president of Krakow and candidate in next year’s elections for mayor of the city, argues that “the time of large New Year’s Eve parties on the Main Square is over.”

– An era has ended. I think that this type of grand party on the Main Square should be a thing of the past, not only for financial reasons, but also because of the whole event – which year by year became more and more an event showing the worse side of our nature – said Kulig.

What to do instead of a party at the market square?

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He emphasized that the lack of New Year’s Eve at the Main Square does not mean that there will be no New Year’s Eve in other places.

– I think that such smaller, smaller-scale, more intimate events should take place. I am very glad that they will be organized in different parts of our city, he noted.

This year, there will be no city New Year’s Eve events at Podgórski Square and Aleja Róż, organized before the pandemic.

City officials emphasize that they focus on culture and sports. They invite residents to participate in less grand events organized by municipal units.

The options include the Krakow New Year’s Eve Run, organized by the Sports Infrastructure Board. There are two routes available: the 5-kilometer “Dragon Five” and the 10-kilometer “Radosna Ten” route. Both lead through the streets in the city center.

City theaters – including: Ludowy and Bagatela – invite you to end the year with performances. The Krakow Philharmonic is preparing special concerts. The New Year’s Eve ball was planned by the Nowa Huta Cultural Center.

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No New Year’s Eve from 2020

The New Year’s Eve party was not held at the Krakow Market Square last year – then the city justified this decision by looking for savings. New Year’s Eve also did not take place in 2021, but due to the pandemic coronavirus, instead a sports event was organized – the Krakow New Year’s Eve Run. In 2020, also due to the pandemic, the large event on the Market Square was abandoned in favor of the presentation of audiovisual installations in various locations in the city.

In 2019, the city’s New Year’s Eve organized in three locations – on the Main Market Square, in Aleja Róż and on the Podgórski Market Square – cost PLN 1.5 million.

Main photo source: Łukasz Gągulski/PAP

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